How to master the pre-loved jewellery trend, piece by piece.

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If your outfit was a blank canvas, jewellery would be the paint that would make it sing, bring it to life and catch everyone’s eye.

Your jewellery collection is the hardest working team in your fashion arsenal. Your pieces are required to seamlessly pull looks together, ensure that you stand out from the crowd and work with you at all times to give you a signature look.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you know that label rightly extends to your whole jewellery box.

Second-hand jewellery stores are a treasure trove of pre-loved riches just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s how you can make these riches work for you.

Step One – Forever pieces

You’ve heard about investment pieces for your wardrobe, like a pair of Louboutin shoes or a Chanel handbag? Well, your jewellery box requires the same level of investment and commitment. These are your forever pieces, pieces that will go on to be your heirlooms and be there for all your big life moments.

The key is to look for timeless, enduring brands, things like Tiffany or Rolex, that will never go out of style. Do your research, scour the stores for the best items and don’t stop until you find that perfect fit.


Forever pieces. Image: Cash Converters

 Step Two - Work it in with basics

Most of us lead fairly busy lives and as much as we love fashion, find ourselves falling back on true and tried ‘uniforms’ to get us through the day. A crisp white shirt that always makes you look swanky at the office, that favourite black tee paired with trusty denim shorts for Saturday brunch or that killer blue dress for ciders on a Friday night.

The best way to change up these ‘uniforms’ is with a touch of colour. Second-hand jewellery stores are the perfect place to pick up an array of coloured diamonds and gem stones to give even the most standard outfit a touch of personalised, funky flair.

Work it in with basics. Image: Cash Converters.

Step Three – Learn to layer it up

One of the most important parts of building up your second-hand jewellery collections is learning which pieces can be grouped together to create a range of unique looks.

Start by scooping up some foundation pieces, such as gold necklaces, rose gold bangles and silver rings. Once you have a collection of solids you can layer other pieces over them to continually change up your look- without having to splurge on new clothes.


Learn to layer up. Image: Cash Converters.

Step Four – Move with the trends.

You should never be ruled by trends, but it’s always fun to follow them. This season’s trend is all about coloured diamonds, stacked rings and charm bracelets. Pick up some Pandora charms to add a bit of fun to your outfit. Inject some colour into look with coloured diamonds and gems to take your outfit from day to night. Stock up on trendy items without breaking the budget, and second-hand jewellery purchases are the way to do it.


Move with the trends. Image: Cash Converters.

Step Five – It’s all about the hunt.

The thrill of the hunt is easily one of the best parts about jewellery shopping. Who knows what you will find?

It’s all about the hunt. Image: Cash Converters.

A treasure trove of brightly coloured diamonds perhaps, a vintage find that you don’t know how you ever went without, or even something so unique and ‘you’ it’s like it was just waiting for you to discover it. Second-hand jewellery shopping is a lot like a treasure hunt, but that’s all part of the fun.

What are some of the best pre-loved jewels you have purchased?