Editor’s picks: The school shoes edition.

Frankly, my children could walk around in threadbare t-shirts and shorts that are three sizes too small for them and I’d be hard pressed to battle them into something presentable.

Actually, truth be told, my son often does – he has a pair of shorts I bought him when he was two that he can still fit into three years later. What can I say? He inherited my husband’s skinny genes (GEDDIT?! Sorry…).

My own mother, when I was a thoughtless, unlistening teenager, would occasionally try to talk me through a concept called a ‘false economy’. Like, scrimping on your kid’s shoes only to find in the future they have podiatric and skeletal issues that will need to be addressed.

She also used to sigh prosaically when my siblings and I were being particularly trying and mutter something like; you have to pick your battles.

So, while I’m happy to let my small people roam free looking like extras from the cast of Oliver Twist, I will fight them into a pair of quality shoes every day.

MYER have a great selection of school and sports shoes for just this purpose, and happily you can make a fitting appointment online. No queues for you. In, fit and out (or in, fit and then pop up to ladies wear.)

Clarks Daytona.

Top of the line, a pair of Clarks Daytona are sturdy and reliable, yes. But they’re also a classic black lace up, and look great on little boys and young men. (They’ll also double very nicely as a pair of formal shoes if you have occasion for them.)

Sturdy, reliable, classic. Image: supplied.

Clarks Rapture.

Little girls in Mary Janes make my heart swoon. A pair of Clarks Rapture will look super cute on your daughter, but also give her all the support her feet and body will need.

Cute and supportive. Image: supplied.

Clarks Stanford.

Like the Daytonas, Clarks Stanford’s are lace ups, as well as being sturdy and reliable. But they’re a little more appropriate if your child is active (read: raucous) but still needs a formal black school shoe.

Clarks Stanford. Image: supplied.

Clarks Reliance.

If you need an option for someone who might still be struggling to tie their own laces, Clarks Reliance will do the trick. Velcro straps are perfect for a child to manage on their own.

"Velcro straps are perfect for a child to manage on their own." Image: supplied.

Harrison Indiana II.

I see schoolgirls on my train in these shoes all the time, and not a word of a lie, I want a pair for myself. They’re as cute as they are supportive.

Harrison Indiana II. Image: supplied.

Grosby Hamburg Jnr 2.

If you’re after a classic black lace up school shoe with all the right support and flexibility, but you need a more cost effective option, look no further. You can’t go past a pair of these.

Slightly more cost effective. Image: supplied.

Dr Martens Maccy.

Oh, Dr Marten, how my teenage heart yearned for a pair of your lovely shoes. Instead, I shall bestow a pair of your Maccy shoes upon my own daughter. They are shoes that are as durable as they are pretty and they shall appease my mournful inner teenage who is still sad she never got a pair of her own.

"Oh, Dr Marten, how my teenage heart yearned for a pair of your lovely shoes." Image: supplied.

Skechers Breathe Easy.

Skechers have brought everything they know about making great sports shoes to their school shoes. Flexible, relaxed fit (for little toes) and complete with memory foam, these Mary Janes will soften the hardest of tween hearts… I mean feet.

Complete with memory foam. Image: supplied.

Adidas Hyperfast 2.0K.

Adidas Hyperfast kids runners come in two different colours, they are a fantastic all round sports shoe. They have energised flex tooling and an ortholite sockliner to keep feet dry. Great for kids on the go.

"Great for kids on the go." Image: supplied.

New Balance KXT625BY.

In black, these New Balance joggers are perfect for a more relaxed school uniform policy. Kids can be active, run, kick (a ball hopefully) and jump and then head off to maths class without a second thought.

"Perfect for a more relaxed school uniform policy." Image: supplied.

Which school shoes are you buying this year?