The intense Facebook groups where you buy/sell Gorman clothes - if you don't break the rules.

Fashion, justice, accusations of Nazism. Welcome to the Facebook second-hand clothes market.

For a while now, I’ve been a member of a few Facebook groups where you can buy and sell different brands of clothes.

By far the most active one is called “Gorman clothing Fans buy and sell group”.

There are almost 6,500 women in the group. At its core is a bunch of women who really love Melbourne-based label Gorman, and everything to do with it.

I’m not going to sugar coat it — this group is extreme.

There are so many rules. And you better not stuff up, or there will be trouble.

This week, one poor new seller found out the hard way that the rules are not to be broken.

Let’s call her “Anna”.

Having never attempted to sell anything on the page before, Anna posted a dress for sale but couldn’t quite figure out how to post a picture.

So she added one in the comments. BIG MISTAKE NEWBIE.

Not long after, an overzealous admin (let’s call her OZA) warned her that her post needed a picture or it wouldn’t be “compliant”.

Seeing that Anna was new to the whole thing, a more seasoned “Gormie” (yes, that’s what they’re called) stepped in on her behalf.

Lesson 5: This is a Facebook group, maybe we could all cool it?

Of course the four-point plan for admin-ocracy did not go down well with the other Gormies.

So then, this happened:


The next comment from our OZA was “Goodbye Gormie 1* and Gormie 2*”.

Anyway, this kept going for a while, EXACTLY how you would expect.

Jewish Gormies weighed in to say the Soup Nazi was not offensive to them. One was both German and Jewish, but even that pedigree did not sway the rouge admin who, in defending her position, said, “It’s called justice.”

Which is not something I ever expected to read on a clothes swap/buy page.

Eventually, poor Anna just wanted to know if anyone wanted to buy her dress.

So far, no takers.

By the end of it, the group was down an administrator and everyone was feeling a little shell shocked.

“I am so distracted by those Gorman posts and super busy at work. In other words, disaster,” one woman told me.

The post was deleted, and everyone went back to looking for their Gorman “unicorns” (items they really want but have as yet been unable to secure).

These women really love their Gorman, so if you’re going to try and sell something to this group, I recommend you bone up on the rules first.

Otherwise, no Gorman for you.

*Names withheld to protect the innocent, Seinfeld-loving Gormies who just wanted to help a newbie sell a dress.

The author of this post is known to Mamamia, but has chosen to remain anonymous. She doesn’t want to get kicked out of any Gorman swap/buy group because, well, she really wants to catch her Gorman “unicorn”.