The 7 emotional stages of buying a new house.

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I moved house recently (as in, last-weekend-recently) so believe me, I understand the pain and suffering that’s involved.

I have two little ones already, and am pregnant with my third, so it was well and truly time to upgrade into something a bit bigger to suit our growing family. And while all that is behind me now, I think I’ll remember how hectic and exciting the past few months have been forever.

In the beginning, you are so swept up in the excitement of moving to your brand new home that you gloss over the realities of actually moving.

But that excitement lasts up until…you pack your first cardboard box. And then you are done. Out. Finished.

Only, you’re nowhere NEAR finished – you have an entire home and life to pack up and move, often while wrangling grumpy, overwhelmed kids.

Yep, there are certain emotional stages every person goes though when it comes to making the big move:

1. The nervous excitement that comes with deciding to move.

Step number one is actually making the decision to move – and it’s filled with uncertainty, nerves and butterflies. You’re settled, you’re comfortable and you know your location.

Then you decide to throw everything up in the air and venture outside your comfort zone. It’s exciting, but nerve-wracking at the same time.

2. The stress that comes with the saving process.

Yes, saving for a deposit is a challenge. So is applying for a home loan and getting your finances in order. Add to that list moving costs and new furniture and you can see why this part of the moving process can cause people to freak out a little.

But once you have saved that deposit and secured finance, pretty much nothing can beat the elation you feel. You’ve done it, guys. You’ve finally done it. At this stage, it pays to talk to the experts and come up with a plan of action to help you find your new home.

3. The exhaustion that comes with house hunting.

Looking for the right place is emotionally draining. For the past year my husband and I have dragged two overtired, bored children to open house after open house.

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Most of which were way out of our budget and those that came close were filled to the brim with others hoping that this might in fact be ‘the one’. It was overwhelming, it was confronting and at times it was downright gut wrenching.

4. The excitement that comes with finding a house.

We actually thought we found ‘the one’ three times. But it wasn’t meant to be. This is a particularly devastating feeling thinking that you’ve lost out on your dream house. One minute you’re up, and the next you’re right back down again.

But when you DO find it? You’re excited, you’re nervous and you’re already picturing yourself starting your new life there.

5. The anxiety that comes with making offers.

It’s a race to the finish line and you want to be the one to win. The offers stage is filled with adrenaline and in my case, crossed fingers. You may lose sleep, and break out in a cold sweat while waiting to hear back. Hang in there.

6. The elation that comes when your offer is accepted.

Finally, your offer is accepted. You’re elated, you’re relieved, part of you can’t quite believe it – but part of you is also a little overwhelmed. But more importantly, you’re filled with the absolute joy that comes with securing a place of your own.

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7. The tired happiness that comes from ACTUALLY moving.

Packing up your life is exhausting, especially if you’re doing it with little people ‘helping’ like I was. I was amazed at how much stuff we had accumulated after being in our last place for five years.

I won’t lie, moving day itself can be a little traumatic, but at the end of the day, you’ll be sitting on an upturned cardboard box, drinking wine (or champagne) out of a plastic cup while sampling the delicacies of the local pizzeria and you’ll know you’re home.

Nothing beats that feeling of knowing you now get to enjoy the “settling in” stage of your brand new home. Now to plan the renovations

And once you get that new house, here is some interior inspiration to work with…