Here’s where you can buy Paris Jackson’s boho Melbourne Cup dress.

Excuse me, but this is very important.

I did some googlin’ and have discovered the whereabouts of Paris Jackson’s boho-rustic-hippie-lacey Melbourne Cup dress that many of us like very much.

Paris Jackson's killer Melbourne Cup dress. Image via Getty.

It's a Morrison piece which comes in two colours: Amber (a mixture between orange and yellow) and russet (a deep red), the latter which was worn by Jackson.

You can buy it RIGHT HERE.

... But.

There's just one thing I should probably mention, and that's to do with the fact it retails at $599.


Image via Morrison.

That's personally too much for me given it's my monthly rent, but I've sent it to three different friends in the hope that they will buy it and then I can borrow it.

I highly recommend you do the same.

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