Sick of buying things? There is a website that only sells products that last FOREVER.

Let’s face it, most of us have way too much stuff. And quite often, the reason for that is — they just don’t last! We’re trying to be thrift, so we buy the sale items or the slightly-inferior-but-still-kind-of-works rip-off brand.

The connection on that lamp you bought on sale busted, the sole pealed off those cheapo ballet flats, or the handle came off that crock-pot. They need to be replaced. So how much are we really saving in the long-run?

This is the question asked by BuyMeOnce.comThe organisation curates products of the highest quality. Their mission is to “make buying things that are built to last easy.” BuyMeOnce also shares articles and handy tips and tricks to make de-cluttering easier. And The People are loving it.

But their long term goals are much, much bigger. Site founder and CEO Tara Button aims to “pair with an ethical credit company to provide customers with credit so they can make good choices”. She wants to “challenge manufacturers to build products that last longer” than those currently available and to change our culture from one of throwing away, to one of “keeping” and “passing on”.

BuyMeOnce covers most of your homeware needs. But that’s just the start of it. They’ve got cooking utensils, pots and chopping boards…

BuyMeOnceChoppingBoards Screenshot via BUYMEONC
Image: Screenshot via BuyMeOnce

Teddy bears, stackers and teething rings…

KidsToys screensho via BUY ME ONC
Image: Screenshot via BuyMeOnce

Clothing, socks and shoes…

ClothingBuyMeOnce ScreenshotviaBUYMEONC
Image: Screenshot via BuyMeOnce

They’ve got chairs, tables, beds and dressers. They’ve got beauty tools. Hardware tools.

And even luggage.

Luggage Screenshot via BuyMeOnce
Image: Screenshot via BuyMeOnce

Okay, yes, chances are most of this stuff won’t actually last until the end of time. But they will probably last for as long as you need them, your kids need them or your friends need them after that. And, you don’t need to do all the research and hunting-around for long-lasting products. They’re all here in the one spot.

You can shop at BuyMeOnce here.

If you want to get involved with BuyMeOnce, you can contact founder and CEO Tara Button here.

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