What's that, hate-preacher? We can't hear you!

When you’re confronted with someone preaching hate, it’s so easy to hit back with furious insults. But this busker came up with a very different, ingenious plan.

Sydney busker Axel Winter came across an anti-gay street preacher on a Sydney street, just hours before the world-famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade on Saturday.

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Although Mr Winter, 24, was on his way to perform on a different street at the time, he was incensed by the preacher’s decision to spread his hateful message during Mardi Gras, which celebrates LGBT pride.

So he decided to set up right next to the hater and drown him out instead.

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With the help of some busker friends, Mr Winter played tunes including a version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun — the lyrics of which he re-jigged to include the line: ““Girls and boys they wanna have fun.”

The result?

“Everyone joined together to celebrate diversity and equality, eventually forcing the man to leave,” Mr Winter said, describing the moment on YouTube.

Bravo, Axel Winter. Bravo.

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