We can't decide if this bizarre video is cute or horrifying. But millions of people are watching it.

This is literally just a 30-second clip of a bunny eating raspberries, but for some reason it left me profoundly disturbed.

To me, it looks like the rabbit is an evil cannibalistic monster, chewing on the guts of what is no doubt the Easter Bunny’s baby.

Some other people in the office *cough Alyx cough* think it looks like the bunny is wearing lipstick, and is therefore all kinds of adorable.

Maybe this is the Youtube version of a Rorscharch test, and whatever you see in 30 seconds of raspberry-eating bunny says something about you as a person.

Or maybe I’m just putting way too much thought into a 30-second clip of a bunny eating raspberries.

Just watch it and see what you think:

How can anybody think that is cute?!? LOOK AT THOSE BLACK SOULLESS EYES.

What’s your verdict?

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