First Date Debrief: A 23-year-old who's been single for 6 years dates a man she met on Bumble.

First dates can be… nightmarish. But they can also be beautiful, and pretty much everything in between. One thing that’s certain is they almost always make good gossip. And because we love sharing, welcome to First Date Debrief. Each week, a reader will debrief on a recent first date, breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly. This week, a 23-year-old from Sydney, NSW, who has been single for six years, tells us about a date with a 29-year-old man she met on Bumble. 

Tell us about you.

I’m 23 years old, just moved into Sydney, working in the media. I hate dating so much. I’ve always felt like it was just a terrifying concept. It wasn’t until I got a confidence boost from a few close friends that I finally made the decision to put myself out there.

How did you meet your date?

On Bumble! I was so awkward at the beginning of our conversation. My friend actually had to take over for a bit because I was getting absolutely nowhere.

What were you hoping for?

Just someone who wasn’t a serial killer. I was thinking the absolute worst. I just wanted someone normal who could hold a conversation.

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Talk us through how you got ready. 

I had drinks with the girls the night before so I was pretty hungover. Also it was a 42-degree day and my apartment doesn’t have any air conditioning so it was not fun. I picked a long linen dress because I didn’t shave my legs and didn’t want to waste smooth legs on someone I hadn’t met yet. It was so hot that I didn’t bother with foundation and just wore mascara, highlighter and lipstick. I dressed the look down with some flats.


How did you feel?

SUPER NERVOUS. I had butterflies in my stomach during the entire Uber ride there. Once I saw him waiting for me outside the bar I immediately felt better. He was also much better looking in real life which was a plus.

Where did you go?

We went to a bar in Newtown which didn’t have aircon. After one drink we were both visibly dying so we moved to a pub that was much better.

First impressions?

I couldn’t fault him at all. He extremely good looking. He was super nice. There weren’t any awkward moments at all.

What was the chat like?

Amazing. We both talked so much and he was such a good listener. He made me feel so comfortable it just felt like I was catching up with an old friend.’

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Our date lasted four hours so I think it went pretty well. We completely lost track of time.

Any stand-out moments, good, bad or ugly?

I think the fact that I was so comfortable straight away was pretty big to me. Especially since I was terrified that he wouldn’t even show up or be a serial killer, this was much better.

Did you kiss?

We did kiss. Multiple times.

Who paid? 

We both took turns getting drinks but I think he ended up paying for most of them.

Will you see them again?

Yes! I think he felt the same way but only time will tell.

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