Contouring jeans are here to highlight and shade your legs, apparently.

Forget the new iPhone, the latest most innovative piece of technology is designed to hang in your wardrobe.

Taking its cues from Kim Kardashian’s makeup bag, you can now buy jeans that contour for you. Your bum, that is.

Image: iStock

Bringing science and style together, the jeans are the newest release from Lee Jeans for their new Body Optix collection. (Post continues after video.)

Launched at London Fashion Week earlier this month, the magic jeans apparently use the "visual science" of lasers, geodesic patterns and the behaviour of light to lift and reshape your bum.

The premise of the body contouring is exactly same as the makeup technique - the design combines light and dark denim to highlight and shade parts of the body.

Image: Lee Jeans

In a contouring-obsessed world thanks to Instagram, Steve Zades of VF Corporation's Cognitive and Design Lab who helped develop the technology, told Forbes jeans are just the start and we could see it being applied to jackets, skirts and more as a way to enhance clothes for the best fit and look possible.

"Once the consumer sees the benefit of these optical designs - they are going to want to see it delivered in lots of ways,” he said.

Listen: Activewear is dead. Long live denim, apparently. Post continues after audio.

“This collaboration between designers and scientists, you see this all the time at Apple, you see it at Tesla, but you don’t see it in our industry, and I think it’s really the future; it’s very exciting."

The collection launched in Asia last year, Europe earlier this year and should soon be available everywhere soon.

And like good contouring, these jeans look perfectly natural. The best bit? They do all the hard work for you.