Everyone is getting on board with the bum bag trend of 2017. Even Justin Timberlake.

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A favourite of grandmas, American tourists and basically anyone who ever wore clothes in the ’80s and ’90s, the bum bag was the best hands-free way to carry your bits and pieces.

After a decade or so relegated to op shops and fancy dress parties, the accessory is making a triumphant return.

Not convinced? Justin Timberlake is definite proof – oh, and that they’re still not cool.


For his wife Jessica Biel’s rollerama-themed birthday party, Timberlake donned denim cut offs, a “Make America Skate Again” t-shirt, a stars and striped bomber, matching socks and sequin covered bum bag.


Leonardo DiCaprio is also a fan of the fanny pack.

He was snapped wearing a chic black version while on holiday in Thailand.

Who can blame him? The beloved bum bag (which ironically sits above your crotch, but crotch bag doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it?) can hold much more than it looks, is a great place to pop your essentials in when you don’t have pockets, is secured with a buckle and can be hidden under layers or proudly displayed on top.

But this isn’t some momentary fad restricted to top tier celebrities/your elderly neighbour. Podcast director Monique Bowley was an early adopter of the revitalised trend, which she spoke about on Mamamia Out Loud recently.

Listen: Can you be too old to wear a bum bag? We don’t think so. Post continues after audio.

Her fanny pack of choice? A snazzy metallic gold version of Typo (now sold out, find a similar one here) that has quickly become an office favourite.

“The bumbag is BACK. Quick, rush out and buy one and then you can be like me and be too embarrassed to wear it outside so you can just walk around the office flashing your crotch at people and pretending you are cool,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’m embarrassed for my unborn teenagers.”

She was so convincing Mamamia Creative Director Mia Freedman promptly went and bought the same one.

In 2017, nostalgia trumps subtlety and bad is the new good.

Phone clips and lanyards for 2018?

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Are you sold on the bum bag trend?


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