Wake up Australia: We're about to be the only country in the world to charge for childhood immunisation.

The best things in life are free.

If you don’t believe me take these examples – love, laughter, sex and vaccination.

Yes I rank childhood vaccination as one of the best things in life.  The way it has literally eradicated deadly diseases from children on our planet is something I hold dear.

All over the world immunisation is completely free. It has long been recognised as a public health measure and one that no child should miss due to any financial barrier.

With very few exceptions internationally, billions of children and their parents have benefited from this fait accompli.

Unless you live in Australia in 2014.

Now the Australian Government would like to charge parents $7 dollars for every child immunisation appointment.

If you have three kids going at the same time you hit the jackpot and you get to pay $21.

If you live in Afghanistan,  Africa, America or Argentina, childhood immunisation is free.  But not if you live in Australia.

If this Bill passes through the federal parliament, parents will start to pay the new GP co-payment of $7 dollars each time their child requires a vaccination from 1 July, 2015.

As every parent knows if you have a newborn baby you will go to the GP five times in the first 18 months of its life for immunisation appointments.

If you have twin boys like Queenslander and Parenthood member Louise you will pay for ten appointments in just 18 months.

“No child should miss out on these life saving immunisations because their parents cannot afford to go to the doctor.”

Louise is a nurse and midwife. Like the thousands of parents that are worried about these changes she is concerned it will create a barrier for some parents to get their kids immunised.

“I am seriously concerned about some of the parents I work with from disadvantaged communities who at times will not have the spare $7 dollars to take their child to an immunisation appointment.”

“No child should miss out on these life saving immunisations because their parents cannot afford to go to the doctor,” she says.

“We also have to be very concerned about the impact of less children being immunised as a result of these changes.  Her immunity must remain over 95% for immunisations to protect the community.”

Parents around the nation are angry and there is something they can do.

Join The Parenthood’s campaign now to stop the GP co-payments for immunisation appointments.

The Parenthood is respectfully asking the Federal Health Minister to reconsider this policy change in the interests of public health.

With the voices of thousands of Australian parents already on board, we believe the Government Ministers will listen and once again ensure that childhood vaccinations in Australia are absolutely free.

Immunisation matters. All immunisation visits to the GP should be bulk-billed with no $7 co-payment. Click here to sign the petition

Fiona Sugden is the Executive Director of The Parenthood. You can sign the petition to make all immunisation visits bulk-billed here.

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