Have you ever seen an ad aimed at mothers this unrealistic before?

The award for the most unrealistic portrayal of motherhood has been taken out over the weekend.

And the winner is deserving in its total lack of absolutely anything resembling the average mum.

Its total lack of realism.

Its a total lack of empathy and its totally impractical objectives.

(Though, it is pretty funny.)

This is the, very nice looking pram they were attempting to market.

The source of widespread mirth has been an image by pram juggernaut Bugaboo attempting to promote their new running stroller on social media.

The Amsterdam-based pram company posted a photo to Facebook and Instagram of supermodel Ymre Stiekema pushing her two-year-old in their new "Runner" jogging stroller.

The image showed the Dutch supermodel off on a run - just like a regular old "mom" casually attired in a strappy bikini complete with glossy spray tan – oh and running shoes.

Take a look for yourself:

Don't we all just look like that?

The first question on Facebook came from a curious mum just hours after the image was posted.

"Um, why is she running in a bikini?"

It was soon followed by hundreds of answers.

"Yes because we're all running the streets in our bikinis... Realistically this mother should be wearing black leggings and a vomit soaked zip up hoodie. Lol, " wrote one.

Some admired the supermodel.

"I'd be running in a bikini if I looked like that too! Lol."

Others tried to work out what the heck was going on.

"She is running to the beach?"

And they continued.

"My husband wants this pram - will he have to wear a Bikini?"


"Maybe her child puked on her running gear?"

"Lol yes let's all go running in our bikinis after having a baby kudos to her by the way, but it's hardly reality for the other 99.9% of us. I question the marketing approach, not her."

Just in case you didn't see it the first time.

What made the majority of mothers mad was the fact that yet again a company was so out of reach with what a realistic mum actually looked like.

Let's carefully break it down for them - so they don't find themselves the centre of a gag ever again.

Here are some of the worst ads ever. Post continues after video.

1. The attire.

Bugaboo realism: Strappy unsupportive bikini as jogging gear.

Real life mum:  Maternity bra topped by sports bra stuffed with breast pads.

Maternity tracckie daks faded and torn a bit at the hem.


Hubbies t-shirt with small dabs of vomit and a stain from where you spilt your skim milk latte.

Bonds hoodie tied around the waist cause there is no room in the pram basket for it to fit.

Ymre Stiekema and her daughter. (Image via Instagram)

2. The pram.

Bugaboo realism: Spotless pram, spotless canopy, spotless (empty) basket.

Real life mum: Slightly mouldy pram smeared with vegemite stains, half eaten arrowroots, a mushy build up of Raffeties baby food, a mouldy growth of god-knows-what and a basket crammed with everything a toddler could need for the next 24 hours, enough food to feed a pre-school, an assortment of spare clothes, a blankie, a stuffed Peppa Pig and your half eaten muffin from three days ago.

3. The toddler.

Bugaboo realism: Happily smiling toddler – complete with hat sitting in pram.

Real life mum: Toddler screaming blue murder at being forced into pram, made to sit there while mum "exercises" when they just want to be watching ABC Kids, hat no where to be seen after being thrown on the ground for 10th time in a row.

4. The hair and makeup.

Bugaboo realism: Carefully coiffured hair swept back into glam ponytail, natural makeup, slight lick of gloss on lips. Not a drop of sweat in sight, just a "healthy glow."

Real life mum:  Hair washed yesterday, the rest of the baby vomit that didn’t land on the t-shirt smeared through it, tied back in an old scrunchie that refuses to go away... with a few grey roots poking through as it’s been a while between colours... and a hat stuffed somewhere in the large baby bag draped across the end of the pram that you brought to prove to your child that “yes mummy wears a hat too, now keep it on."

Makeup non-existent (I am EXERCISING FOR CHRIST"S SAKE) sweat pouring off in bucket loads. (IT'S THE HORMONES!)

5. The actual exercising part.

Bugaboo realism: A gentle jog, hand on hip. I am a goddess.

Real life mum: Sneakily checking her phone to see how much longer she has to continue this torture exercise for while attempting to stop her breast pads falling out and wondering how the heck her newborn is doing at home with grandma and having a sneaky peak at Facebook while the device is in hand.

Maybe this is a more realistic portrayal of motherhood? Yeah? No.

Get it together Bugaboo.

While of course we don’t begrudge supermodels like Ymre Stiekema having the stamina to exercise.

And of course we don’t begrudge any of the 0.0001% of the population who are genetically blessed to look this way - oh and hats off to anyone who manages to keep a toddler’s hat actually on their head.

But most of us aren’t like this and comical portrayals of motherhood do nothing for 99.9% of us who fall out of this target audience.

Try and make it more real next time, I am begging you.

What do you think should be included in a more realistic portrayal of motherhood?