The new travel pram that's so adorable it'll make you want to have a baby (or another one).

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As any parent who’s travelled with an infant or small child knows, trying to juggle a mode of transport safely and conveniently can be a challenge. Strollers are often large, heavy and cumbersome; not exactly helpful when you’ve also got a little person with you.

But that’s all about to change.

This year marks 20 years of Bugaboo International making top-quality prams that every parent wants. With the aim of “making parents’ lives better”, the Dutch brand is about to take that intention further than ever before, adding to their current range of four prams – which includes the iconic Cameleon – with a pram specifically designed for travelling.

It’s called the Bugaboo Ant, and you’re about to see it everywhere. We got a sneak peek and chatted to one of Bugaboo’s senior designers to find out what makes this one different.

“At Bugaboo, comfort for the parent and child is key,” Senior Product Developer Aernout Dijkstra-Hellinger told Mamamia.

“Parents told us they needed something to make travelling easier. It’s called the Ant because it’s small, but strong like an ant.”

The Dutch designer has been working on Bugaboo pram design for a decade, and he’s obviously excited about the Ant’s compact design – even though it’s 55cm x 38cm x 23cm when folded, it can be used from birth up until 22 kilograms.

Talking about the design, Aernout emphasised the Bugaboo Ant is a travel stroller, but it has many of the features of a comfort pram. And, as with all other Bugaboo products, it’s been designed with convenience in mind.


“It’s compact enough to be used as a seat in a cafe, for example,” Aernout said, “without being intrusive to the public space.”

The Bugaboo Ant folds up like no other stroller. Image: Bugaboo


Here are the Bugaboo Ant's other features which we thought were useful.

It's compact enough to store in your overhead luggage on a flight.

The Ant may be more feature-laden than the standard stroller, but that doesn't mean it's heavy. In fact, at 7.2kg in total, it can fold down to be compact enough to store in overhead luggage on the train or in a car boot - or even on a plane (if your airline allows).


Aernout also mentioned another feature parents will love; "The stroller can even be folded with things in the storage section - so you don't have to unpack it."

You can make it parent-facing for more baby face time.

"Usually, if you're looking for a light-weight compact stroller, the seat is attached to the pram," Aernout said.

"But with the Ant, the seat can be moved to face either outside, or the parent. We think it's vital for a child to be able to see their parent for bonding. The contact with your child is important. So, as with all Bugaboo prams, the Ant can be used in either position."

It's flexible for the age/weight of the child.

The Ant can carry up to 30kg of weight; so it could be 22kg of child, plus 8kg of goods.

You can also attach a Bugaboo baby cocoon for newborns on the frame if you wanted to make the Ant the only pram you buy.

The seat is ergonomic so their posture is great.

Aernout was passionate about this one, being a father himself.

"I think it's important for children to be able to sit up straight. For their posture and their muscle development," he said. "

So, unlike regular strollers, the Ant can be moved from a flat position, to a semi-recline, to a fully upright position."

You can manoeuvre it with the touch of a finger.

The Ant has been designed, as all Bugaboos are, to have easy one-handed manoeuvrability - and it really does move at the touch of a finger (if you want it to) so sophisticated is the design. One of the keys to this is the adjustable length of the handle.


"We have a lot of people in the Bugaboo office of different heights," the designer explained.

"We know parents want something that's easy to turn, whilst being really stable. So we trialled the handle on lots of people, so it would suit the majority."

Yes, you can pull or push the Bugaboo Ant like a trolley suitcase. Image: Bugaboo.

The suspension is smooth.


Bugaboo prams have a reputation for being stable and smooth rides, and the Ant is no different. It pushes like a dream. There's suspension in the swivel wheels, but also central suspension in the main frame. There's also shock absorption.

Sustainability is part of the design.

"We try to make our products last longer, using excellent quality parts. We're very proud of that," Aernout said.

"We want people to be able to use our products second or third hand. That's quite a unique attitude in a commercial organisation.

"We've also ensured we use durable and recyclable materials where possible, even if it means it's not the least expensive option."

The canopy offers great sun protection.

The canopy on the Ant is extendable and has a sun protection factor of UPF 50+, which is great for sun safety, but it also means the seat stays cool for sleeping.

And of course, it's good to look at.

With the typical Bugaboo style, you'll the Ant looks as amazing as it functions. It's easy to imagine your little one relaxing in there - which is why, when you see it, the Bugaboo Ant will make you want to have a baby - or another one.

Or, at the very least, add it to collection as your go-to travel stroller.

The Bugaboo Ant will be available in Australia from July 1, 2019. Find out more about the Ant, and the Bugaboo range, at and on Facebook.

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