How to create an entire beauty look for under $30. Really.

Image: Brittany Stewart.

I love trying out and buying makeup. It’s pretty to look at, fun to play with and a great way to experiment. The one downside of hitting the shops to purchase a whole new beauty artillery? It’s pretty damn expensive.

To prove that you don’t always have to spend big to look great, I set myself the challenge of creating three full looks for under $30 each: one for going to the gym or running errands, one for daytime and one more glamorous look for evening.

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Yes, it can be done.

Look 1: ‘No Makeup’ Makeup

The perfect look for going about your daily errands.

Yes, it sounds like a bit of a wanky term, but sometimes you need a middle ground between rolling out of bed and looking completely made up. Times like these could be running errands, doing the school run or doing exercise. Although I'll most likely be red and sweaty within five minutes, I like to know that I least looked half human when I started (after dragging myself out of bed half asleep, of course).

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How I created it

Start off with the Ulta3 primer, which thanks to the inclusion of Argan Oil works wonders at both evening out the skin tone and hydrating skin like a moisturiser.

If you're after light coverage, skip foundation and use a CC Cream instead. It's lightweight and will cover what you need it too without feeling cakey or heavy.


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I always find that my mascara runs when I exercise, so the Ulta3 clear mascara is perfect, giving lashes a little lift and also as a gel to keep the brows in place.

Finish off with a sweep of blush to add a little colour and you're good to go.

The Maths

Ulta3 Primer ($8.95) + Ulta3 CC Cream ($8.95) + Ulta3 Clear Mascara ($6.95) + Essence Silky Touch Blush ($5.10) = $29.95 (Post continues in gallery.)


 What's your favourite budget beauty brand?

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