The truth behind a big, fat celebrity wedding.

Strangers at the wedding, and security keeping your family at arm’s length. It’s not all flowers and chocolates, people…

She was the stereotypical blonde, he was the stereotypical deluded old man.

Brynne Edelsten, 32, was a bit of a national joke when she turned up on the arm of Geoffrey Edelsten, 72 in 2009.

The controversial businessman, with his in-denial dyed black hair, loud suits and ostentatious lifestyle (a Rolls with the number plate “Spunky”? Come on, man) was already a source of amusement, but with the arrival of the pneumatic Oklahoma-born fitness instructor, tabloids went crazy.

Following a short-lived reality show, an appearance on Dancing with the Stars and an extra-marital affair on Geoffrey’s part, the couple parted ways in early 2014. It was quite a ride.

Brynne Edelsten. Image via Facebook.

Edelsten is now reportedly married to Gabi Grecko, 26, whose personal style is as eccentric as his. They are, they say, expecting their first child.

Brynne spoke to Channel 10’s morning show Studio 10 about her bizarre wedding, her lonely married life, and why she fell in love with the deregistered doctor and jailbird in the first place.

Watch Brynne Edelsten speaking to Studio 10. Post continues after video.

The wedding of Geoffrey Edelsten to Brynne Gordon, the social event of the season, happened just 11 months after they met.

She was taken, she said, by his unswerving attention to her.

“It was his focus on me. He was always focused on me and like everything about what I did and like to the point where he’d call every day. If I didn’t answer he might call obsessively but he’d call all the time, he’d always checking and always thinking about me which I thought was really nice,” she told Studio 10.


At the wedding though, which included a speech by Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander (who knew neither the bride nor groom) and an appearance by The Nanny star Fran Drescher (ditto), Brynne knew only “a handful” of the hundreds of guests, and she wasn’t even allowed to see most of them.

Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten on their wedding day in 2009. Image via Facebook.

“I have two brothers, they were both there, but I don’t have any photos with them. Every time they tried to approach me, or approach my table or room security just denied them access and they were not allowed to come anywhere near me,” she told Studio 10.

“So I didn’t even get to see them at my wedding. I thought all the weddings were that way.”

She said that while the Hollywood stars were paid to be at the wedding, she suspects guests were too – including Edelsten’s own family.

Brynne and Geoffrey’s wedding featured in Who Magazine.

Once they were married, Edelsten was all business.

“It was a very lonely time. Geoff works every day. It’s a 3.30am start it’s a 7pm bed time. It was very structured and scheduled, there was never anything spontaneous happening.”

Well, she did marry a septuagenarian. Anyone with grandparents knows the early-bird special is over by 6pm.

Brynne in 2014 with comedian Josh Thomas. Image via Facebook.

Here’s the most surprising thing about the interview: Brynne Edelsten seems really naive and genuine.

With the blonde hair, the boobs, the marriage to an rich elderly guy, it’s easy to cast her in the role of young gold-digger, but there’s a sweetness and sincerity to her that makes me believe she really could have loved that odd little man.

Geoffrey Edelsten with his new bride, Gabi Grecko. Image via Instagram.

Anyway, the former Mrs Edelsten wishes the newlyweds nothing but luck.

“What is it, third time’s a charm? Or three strikes and you’re out?” she asked, innocently.

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