Brynne Edelsten says the appeal of older men is not about money.

Socialite Brynne Edelsten said she had been attracted to her wealthy ex-husband’s charm – not his money.

Joining the Studio 10 panel on Wednesday, the Oklahoma-born blonde was quizzed intensely about what she had seen in “considerably older” Geoffrey Edelsten, who was 40 years her senior.

Brynne Edelsten on the Studio 10 panel on Wednesday.

“It was definitely his charm. It was definitely just charm and his… what he had achieved,” the 32-year-old said.

“Someone who’s motivated and accomplished so much – I think it’s amazing.”

Brynne and Geoffrey married in Melbourne in 2009. The pair split in 2013 and are believed to have officially divorced in April this year.

Geoffrey, who is a 72-year-old Australian medical entrepreneur, married model Gabi Grecko, 26, last month.

Geoffrey is 72 and his new wife, model Gabi Grecko, is 26. (Via Twitter)

Brynne said she found men "get better with age".

“A lot of people don’t like saying that but I do think that men get better with age. Not only because of their looks but maturity,” Brynne said.

“Men a lot of times do take a long time to mature but I think guys in their late 30s to… late 50s [or] early 60s are very attractive in comparison to younger men.”

Brynne was then asked if older men were better in bed.

“That isn’t so much about age, that’s about the person and the connection,” she said.

Geoffrey and Brynne when they were married in 2009. (Via Twitter)

Discussion turned to Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, who have been married for more than 15 years. The pair, who have a 25-year age gap between them, have two children together, son Dylan Michael, 14, and daughter Carys Zeta,12.

"I love Catherine as much, more than I ever have. And hopefully the feeling’s mutual," Michael, 70, told The Daily Mail.

Studio 10 host Joe Hildebrand then asked whether men such as Geoffrey and Michael Douglas would have be able to attract younger partners if they hadn't been millionaires.

“The money is attractive but that goes along with the success and achievement,” Brynne said.

“Money only goes so far.”

Jessica Rowe was determined to understand the mechanics of sex with an older man, asking whether sex was “possible without Viagra”.

“I can’t really vouch for that one but…” Brynne said and then stifled her laughter.

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