Brynne Edelsten says her wedding to Geoffrey cost $3 million. She thought that was normal.

And out of 500 guests, only 7-10 were hers.

Brynne Edelsten, an American born reality TV star, socialite and actress  arrived in Australia 7 years ago in 2008. She was 25 years old.

And on the 29th of November 2009 Brynne married a 66-year-old Australian medical entrepreneur – Geoffrey Edelsten.

“I thought, I just got really lucky,” Brynne told Studio 10 this morning.

It was only 11 months after their first meeting that they got married and their wedding cost over $3 million, which Brynne thought was normal.

“I thought that’s how all wedding’s were, but apparently most are a bit smaller,” she told Studio 10.

She thought a lavish wedding was normal. Image via Brynne Edelsten Facebook Page.

At the wedding there were 500 guests and 472 people working, but out of all the people who attended, only 7-10 were Brynne's guests. And even then her brothers weren't allowed to go and see her at her own wedding. When they tried to approach her the security guards wouldn't let them. Brynne says that she doesn't have a single photo with her brothers from the wedding.

She told Studio 10, "I thought all weddings were like that."

Some of Geoffrey's relatives were paid to be there, which Brynne thought was more strange on their part, for accepting the money and attending, than it was for Geoffrey to pay them.

And while the sweet Brynne talked fondly about the beginning of her relationship with the wealthy (and much older) Australian man she was with, it seemed to take a sharp turn before its demise.

When asked what she liked most about the relationship Brynne told Studio 10, "His focus on me. He was always focused on me." Continuing to admit that he called her on the phone a lot and, "If I didn't answer he'd call obsessively."

She admitted it was a lonely time. Image via Brynne Edelsten Facebook Page.

When asked what went wrong. Brynne laughed a little and then told Studio 10"It was a very lonely time."


She explained that it was always very structured with Geoffrey - there was no spontaneity. It was a 3:30am start and 7pm bedtime.

Brynne told Studio 10 that Geoffrey was cheating. But she denied that she ever cheated on him. "Absolutely not true [I'd been cheating]."

After 4 years she called it quits. She said they did marriage counselling - and that was a whole other experience.

"I had to choose to love myself more because I felt like I was giving myself less than I deserved," she told Studio 10.

Brynne admitted that she thought she might never get married again, because she saw how hideous it was to get out of a marriage. But she said, "I'm more guarded now, I'm not as naive as I was. I'm not going to let Geoff ruin it for me."

A happier Brynne. Image via Brynne Edelsten Facebook Page.

When asked about the new relationship Geoffrey has with Gabi Grecko, Brynne said, "Third times a charm. Or is it third strike you're out?"

Brynne's main aim now is to go on and live her life. She knows people are going to say things about her but she's ready to take charge of her own life now.

She recently went through a tough few months following a break up a year long relationship with Red Ra, her body-builder partner.

Despite the rocky time, Brynne stepped out (with her mum) on to the red carpet for the Entourage premiere earlier this month

Brynne, we wish you the best of luck with everything.

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