The brutal Christmas cards that say everything you're too scared to this festive season.

Forget the glittery cards emblazoned with Santa or Rudolph, we’ve found the best Christmas card to pop in the post this year.

Introducing the most honest Christmas cards you’ve ever seen.


They're brutal but oh so accurate, saying everything you want to say this festive season but are too scared to.

Things like "Please Don't Visit This Year" and the most punching of all, "He's Not Real". Ouch.

There's also "Did You Keep The Receipt?" for the "ungrateful friend" and "Here's Yours" to fulfil the social obligation of sending a card and nothing more.


They're the perfect card for a) that friend or relative that you have to send something to but really don't like b) someone you want to cut off your Christmas card list for next year or c) someone with a VERY good sense of humour.

In fact, we can think of quite a few people we wouldn't mind sending of these too....

The brilliant cards come from Mean Mail, an seriously cool English card company. They're all handmade and created for "those you love and those you love to hate".

Image: Mean Mail

While they may seem a little passive aggressive, there's good meaning behind them - the founder says the idea was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s quote: "True friends stab you in the front."

Fair enough.

The Christmas collection features six different designs which you can purchase individually or in a mixed set of six or 12 cards. The individual cards retail for about $6.50 each plus shipping.

You'll be pleased to know they all come blank inside too - so you've got space to erm, explain and/or apologise. Or neither.