The internet has delivered 1990s footage of Bruno Mars and it's three minutes of incredible.

Just when you thought your love for pop superstar Bruno Mars couldn’t get any greater, the internet has come through and delivered us a footage of the ’24K Magic’ crooner as a four-year-old performer.

And oh dear lord, it is three minutes of incredible.

Shot in 1990, the video shows a baby Bruno being interviewed by 90s actor Pauly Shore in his childhood city of Waikiki and confirming shyly that yes, he is the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator, and yes, he can move and shake like the greatest hound dog of all time despite his tender age.

Hell, he can even do the infamous Elvis lip snarl.

bruno mars pauly shore
A four-year-old Bruno Mars, already nailing the Elvis lip. Source: Youtube.

Clearly camera shy, Mars answers questions with simple yes and no answers before taking to his feet to show Shore his Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson moves, which he's clearly carried with him into adult life.

Recalling the time to James Corden during his Carpool Karaoke special last year, a now 31-year-old Mars said he knew he wanted to be a singer and performer from that young time in his life, saying, "I was impersonating Elvis Presley in my dad's rock'n'roll 1950s review in Waikiki."

His favourite song? "Jailhouse Rock."

Watch the full Bruno Mars Pauly Shore video below...

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