A KIIS FM producer's opinion about working mums has made Jackie O furious.

It’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, and Thursday morning’s episode was no different, with the topic of pay agreements for working mothers being discussed.

Joining hosts Sandilands and O in the studio on Thursday was Bruno Bouchet, the show’s creative content manager, who also happens to hold highly sexist, outdated and disproven beliefs.

Mostly, that working mothers should be paid less than working fathers and those without children.

bruno bouchet

Bruno Bouchet. Source: KIIS FM

(News flash, Bouchet, many of them already are.)

Taking offence at Bouchet's opinion, Jackie O said, "Your views are quite sexist and you only ever notice when it’s the woman that needs to take the time off. Men need to take time off too," she said angrily.

"And it’s very outdated, your views, because these days we are sharing responsibilities... it’s the men and the women that are sharing - whether we have to pick up the kid from daycare or if they’re sick," mum-of-one O continued.

bruno bouchet

Jackie's like, "nah, mate." Source: KIIS FM.

But pointing out the bleeding obvious didn't seem to sit well with Bouchet, who began yelling, "That’s absolute crap," to the radio host, adding, "do you want to hear about sharing responsibility?

"Responsibility is everyone doing the same amount of work. I’ve got to pick up the slack for you, I've got to pick up the slack for Krystal [another producer for the successful show]. Why? Because you guys are putting your kids first and I'm sick of it."

Calling the wambulance for you now, Bruno.

bruno bouchet

It's just not fair, is it, Bruno? Source: KIIS FM.

"You guys shouldn’t get the same amount of money because you are not putting in the same amount of effort,"Bouchet continued angrily. "Effort should be based on how much you do for the company."

Understandably, O was pretty irate by this point, not least because Bouchet kept declaring that he was a feminist and cutting O off every time she tried to speak.

Someone should probably let him know that silencing and supporting the economic reduction of women is kind of the opposite of being a feminist, but, semantics.

bruno bouchet jackie o

Source: KIIS FM.

For once, co-host Kyle Sandilands stayed silent and wisely kept out of the discussion.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time Bouchet and his views have landed him in hot water. Following the 2012 Colorado theatre massacre in the US, Bouchet took to social media and tweeted jokes about the deaths.

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