How the world responded to Bruce Jenner's interview about his transition.

And it’s overwhelmingly positive.

Note: Bruce has indicated in this interview that he prefers to use the pronoun ‘he’ at this time.

Yesterday Bruce Jenner, 65, gave a detailed interview with American journalist Diane Sawyer that revealed he is transitioning into a woman.

Bruce speaking to Diane.

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It was a brave choice, considering the way tabloid magazines have completely annihilated his dignity over the last few months with trashy headlines and photoshopped pictures of Bruce with make up on. We weren’t sure how the world was going to react.

So it came with great relief when an overwhelming number of celebrities tweeted their undying support and well wishes to the former Olympian.

Bruce Jenner with his sons Brodie and Brandon.

Lady Gaga, a fierce advocate for LGBT rights, has jumped online to congratulate Bruce.

As did Miley Cyrus.

Very quick to tweet was Khloe Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who for the past few months have been grilled in their own interviews about Bruce’s decision. But they waited for him to decide on the right moment to speak about the transition.

But his daughters weren’t the only ones who embraced Bruce’s decision to speak out.

Perez Hilton posted a scathing tweet towards Kris Jenner, who hadn’t tweeted her own support during the airing of the interview. He received an appropriate reply.

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If you haven’t seen Bruce’s interview yet, you can watch a clip below.

Mamamia extends their own salute to Bruce Jenner for being brave enough to be himself, whoever that may be. We wish him well during his transition and hope his decision to speak out inspires everyone, especially in the LGBTI community to live for who they are.

Bruce is providing an insight into his private world, but click through this gallery for insight into the very public life he has been leading…

 What do you think about Bruce’s interview?