"The one episode of The Kardashians that changed the way I see their family."

The first time they are actually real.

Usually when we tune in to Keeping Up with the Kardashians it’s an excuse to mentally switch off. Watching them squabble over trivial matters, gossip while they eat at fancy restaurants and get ready for yet another nude photo shoot doesn’t really require any thinking.

The final two episodes of Season 10 are a very different story. For the first time, we get to see the reaction when patriarch Bruce tells his family he is on the verge of transitioning from male to female. Instead of seeing the K-team as vacuous, over-funded and over-exposed, we are actually getting a truly compelling slice of reality.

“I can’t die… and not experience Her.” – Bruce Jenner

In About Bruce, which will aired tonight and will continue tomorrow night on E! at 9:30pm AEST, we get to watch how the women (you hear from all the sisters and Kris, but not from Rob K or Bruce’s other sons) are handling Bruce’s big news.

While Kim confesses that they have all actually known for years about 65-year-old Bruce’s gender identity situation, the revelation that his transition will take place towards the end of this year comes as a shock.

Kim, Kendall, Bruce, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe.

The hurt all over Khloe’s face is not because it’s happening, it’s because she feels like the truth has been kept from her. Kendall, who is still only 19, is clearly distraught, feeling like the father she adores is going to be gone and terrified that he will be the victim of hate attacks.

Kris is devastated that her entire marriage feels like a lie. She is obviously trying to stay supportive and strong for her daughters despite the agony she is feeling. For Kylie, just 17, speaking about her father at all is clearly incredibly difficult.

“We want to understand his struggle.” - Kim Kardashian

Despite the high level of emotion, you can’t help but be impressed with how supportive the women in Bruce’s life are. The message throughout the episode is that they’re there for him, no matter what. He clearly means so much to his ex-wife, daughters and step daughters. They’re not going to back away from him because a secret he has hidden for his whole life has finally come out into the open.


To see part of Bruce Jenner's interview, watch the video below. Post continues after video...

The Kardashians may be rich and famous, but they’re not immune to heartbreak. From Kim’s incurable skin condition psoriasis, to Khloe’s traumatic marriage breakdown and Scott’s depression surrounding the death of his parents, they haven’t been afraid to share the struggles in their lives.

Being so open about Bruce’s transition is great for ratings, but it’s more than that.

Previously, if you were influenced by the Kardashians it has only stretched to the way you do your makeup or how much you spend on Spanx. Now, they’re setting the benchmark for families around the world who have a member who is facing the same challenge - to stand up and say “This is me”.

The message they’re putting out is one of tolerance and love.

It finally makes sense - we really should be keeping up with the Kardashians.

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