Police confirm Paparazzi are not to blame for fatal accident involving Bruce Jenner.

More details have surfaced about the deadly car accident that Bruce Jenner was involved in yesterday.


Police have ruled out the possible involvement of paparazzi in Saturday’s fatal crash.

It had been reported that Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi on Saturday afternoon along a Californian highway when he rear-ended another vehicle and caused an accident involving three cars. But police have confirmed this was not the case.

Bruce Jenner’s phone records are being investigated by police in relation to the crash.

“As of right now, there is no indication that Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi at the time of the crash,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Lecrivain said.

“There was a possibility that paparazzi was following him at the time of the crash, but that is a very regular occurrence, and (there is) no indication at this time it was a contributing factor of the crash.”

According to CBS news, the white Lexus that Bruce rear-ended stopped abruptly on the highway. Bruce allegedly tried to swerve, but could not avoid hitting the Lexus, pushing the car into oncoming traffic. The driver of the Lexus died at the scene.

Police are now investigating whether Bruce Jenner was using his phone at the time of the accident. Los Angeles police are securing a search warrant to see if Bruce was texting while driving.

Mamamia previously wrote… 

Bruce Jenner has been involved in a shocking accident – and the paparazzi may be to blame.

Step-father of the Kardashian clan, Bruce Jenner, was involved in a fatal car crash in Malibu, California, on Saturday afternoon.


The crash killed one person police say. Reports indicate that Bruce Jenner has not been injured, but no official statements have been made.

“There was one fatality,” Sergeant Matthew Dunn of the Los Angeles Police Department revealed. “The crash is currently under investigation”.

Witnesses have said the accident, which occurred at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Corral Canyon Road, was likely caused by intrusive paparazzi desperate to get a picture of Jenner.

Four cars were involved in the fatal crash. One person is dead, and five other people were transported to the hospital. All lanes on the Pacific Coast Highway were closed following the crash.

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One witness, Veronica Bermudez, who works at the Malibu Roadhouse restaurant said, “it happened so fast, it was pretty bad.

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“There’s not a lot of traffic here. They [the paparazzi] were here right away, how could they have gotten here that fast otherwise?

“They just stayed on Pacific Coast Highway, taking pictures,” she said. “I don’t know why they have to follow him and not just leave him alone”.

More details to come.