The eyeliner that made me throw my makeup rules out the window.

Hi, my name is Avi and I’m an eyeliner addict.

I love it. I love wearing it during the day and at night. But having dark-coloured eyes and wearing black or charcoal eyeliner during the day can sometimes be a bit of a full-on look.

So that’s why my favourite beauty product is Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Brown Sugar.

Yes, it goes against every bit of makeup advice I have ever read - apparently brown eyes and brown eye liner are enemies. But it works.

I love the creaminess of the eyeliner, which helps me smudge it after I apply - making it look a little less perfect. And it is dark enough to give depth to my eyes. But it has the right amount of brown sparkiliness (official term) to brighten my eyes too.

Clearly, not all makeup advice was created equal.