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Meet the guy who advertised his single sister on Gumtree.

Adam Clark decided that his sister Natalie needed a boyfriend, so he did what any caring brother would do – he advertised her on Gumtree and Facebook. He advertised her.

But the advertising thing isn’t the most shocking part. The most shocking part is that it worked.

Wales Online reports that Adam, 26, made a video about how desperate Natalie, 33, was to find a man. She was furious with him for sharing it on Facebook – until it got thousands of hits and she was INUNDATED with romantic offers.

Now it seems she quite thrilled:

“At first I was shocked and kicked off,” she told Wales Online. “But then I began to see the funny side and now I’m thankful.”

Have a look at the video Adam made and see if you’d be thankful:

If a wedding comes out of this whole thing, we’ll keep you posted.

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