Brooklyn Beckham's superstar parents still control his Instagram account.

He might have superstar parents and 4.4 million Instagram followers – but just like many other teens, Brooklyn Beckham still has to follow some fairly strict rules when it comes to social media.

His father David recently told ABC News that he and his wife Victoria monitor all their children’s social media accounts, including those belonging to 16-year-old Brooklyn.

The celebrity couple have been married for 16 years and have four children together, including Brooklyn, sons Romeo, 12, and Cruz, 10, and daughter Harper, 4.

The Beckhams.

David said they were committed to protecting their kids from the pressures of fame and the dangers of social media.

“It’s hard because our 16-year-old son, Brooklyn, he’s got like 4 million Instagram followers,” he said.

“We control everything that he posts, everything that he does, and it’s the same with our other kids.”

Brooklyn with Cara Delevingne. Image via Instagram @brooklynbeckham

Posh and Becks are probably right to worry – because at just 16, Brooklyn is already seriously famous in his own right. Along with his millions of Instagram followers, he also hangs out with a posse of fellow celebrities, is believed to have recently signed a modelling contract and previously played for Arsenal's academy, so fame is nothing new for the teen.

During the interview, David admitted that Posh was “the strict one” in the family and he also spoke about the struggle his children sometimes face living in their famous parents’ shadows:

I'd love them to play soccer, but I want them to be happy doing it, you know. There was one thing that one of my boys turned around to me the other day, he said, ‘Daddy, you know, I'm not sure I want to play football all the time. It broke my heart a little bit…He said, ‘Every time that I step onto the field, I know people are saying, you know, ‘This is David Beckham's son,’ and if I'm not as good as you, then it's not good enough. I said, ‘Okay, stop right there…You play because you want to play. You play because it makes you happy.’

We’re sure the Beckham kids will end up doing well for themselves, somehow...

Do you think parents should control their kids' Instagram accounts?