'Dad, you're so EMBARRASSING.' Even when you're a Beckham, the struggle is real.

Think every teen would love a cool Dad? Not so much.

So, even if your dad’s a world-famous footballer with super-cool tatts and the panache to carry off a holiday sarong, he’s still, like, totally embarrassing.

Just ask poor little rich boy Brooklyn Beckham, who was in the middle of filming himself announcing that he had reached 1 million Instagram followers when his dad (UGH!) stuck his head in to tell Brooklyn’s fans that he has heaps more than his 16 year-old-son.

“I’ve just reached a million followers,” Brooklyn says in the video, rubbing his face in a self-consciously nonchalant fashion.

The struggle is real: Brooklyn Beckham video-bombed by his more famous dad. Image via Instagram

“I’ve got 52,” says David Beckham smugly, sticking his designer-stubbled face into his son’s shot.

Brooklyn responds by looking witheringly at his father, then looking down and mumbling something dejectedly. Dads are so lame.

Brooklyn’s signature face-stroking pose. Image via Instagram

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