The Beckham's family Christmas album is just like yours. Basically.

They’re notoriously private, the Beckham brood.

Some of them play soccer, ‘football’ if you’re outside of Australia, and at least one of them is a former Spice Girl an fashion designer. That could be the toddler.

But besides these minuscule details, and a red carpet appearance every now and then, we don’t know much about them. That is, until we stumbled on teenage Brooklyn Beckham’s Instagram account.

We are delighted to see that the Christmas trees of the rich and famous look just like ours. Or just like ours except the lack of home-made kindergartener ornaments, a broken angel, plus actually matching baubles and christmas lights that WORK. Same, same.

A Beckham family Christmas tree.

And just like us, when the Beckhams go on holidays, they take cheesy sibling pictures together.

Probably demanded by their parents for grandmother’s family album.

The two Beckham brothers.

A tad more arty than our efforts but nonetheless… cute.

And yes, like everyone else in the world, the Beckhams got a selfie stick for Christmas.


The Beckham holiday fiasco also included seats at Elton John’s wedding. We didn’t get those but that’s really the only difference between their christmas and ours. We think.

Click through this gallery for all the perfect holiday photos.

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