Someone crack the Moet, Shane Warne's daughter Brooke just turned 18.

Moet, selfies and over-the-top props.

When your dad is a famous Australian cricketer with a penchant for taking shirtless photos of himself and dating famous actresses, it’s likely your 18th birthday party will be a little more extravagant compared to your friends’ parties.

Brooke Warne, the 18-year-old daughter of Shane Warne, celebrated her 18th in Melbourne over the weekend. And like every good celebrity child, she and her friends documented the night on Instagram. Because it it didn’t happen on social media….

In case you’ve forgotten what this celebrity child looks like, here’s a photo of her and her dad in 2006. Aw.

brooke warne's birthday party
Shane and Brooke Warne in 2006. Adorable. Image via Getty.

And now she looks like this.

I'm just not 18 yet

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For her birthday, Brooke and her friends celebrated at a Melbourne venue, located in St Kilda. There were LED lights, free-pouring Moet and more selfies than you could throw a cricket ball at.

Brooke and her friends turned up in a limo, which seemed to be chaperoned by her cool 45-year-old dad.

Now this – GULP @brookewarne !!!! #18th #party ????????????????????

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There was also a very clever hashtag – #ProjectB (geddit?) – as well as a photographer and even some media to ask her dad all the hard-hitting questions, like why he’s still single.

“I’m in a very good place and I’m very happy being single,” Warney told The Herald Sun, who apparently nabbed an invite.

“And I’m not looking for anyone, but if someone comes along and sweeps me off my feet then that’s great.”

Apart from her dad stealing the attention (Gosh, Warney. How rude) Brooke looked like she had a pretty good time.


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