Brooke thought she was dating an Australian musician with a traumatic past. Then his accent slipped up.

Drama has erupted across TikTok after Brooke Schofield levelled serious accusations against her ex-boyfriend, singer-songwriter Clinton Kane.

In a recent 14-part series, the YouTube star and co-host of the Cancelled podcast made the bombshell claims that the 'Chicken Tendies' singer fabricated numerous aspects of his life, including his Australian upbringing, the deaths of multiple family members, and other details of his past.

Got your popcorn? Let's get into it.

Watch: Brooke Schofield says Clinton Kane lied about family dying. Story continues after video.

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How did Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane meet?

Brooke Schofield, who co-hosts the Cancelled podcast with Tana Mongeau, met Kane in 2021. 

Their whirlwind romance began when Kane slid into her DMs, offering flights to Vegas and tickets to his show in LA. Despite not being attracted to him initially, Schofield's feelings changed after seeing two of his shows and spending more time with him.

However, Schofield says the relationship quickly turned tumultuous.

"The first red flag I identified was that Kane would not allow me time alone, and when I asked to, he would begin arguing with me and asking 'strange' questions like: 'Why don't you want to be with me?'" she claimed.

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She recounted a night at a diner when Kane told her about the deaths of his mum, dad and brother in 2020. This, she later discovered, was apparently... not true.

"He tells me his mum, his dad and his brother all died in the same year, which is f**king horrible, like, obviously just unimaginable. So I'm like, blown away," Schofield recounted on the moment Kane allegedly shared the devastating news of his family's deaths.

"Thing is, this isn't true, as Kane's mother and brother are very much alive, though he is estranged from them," she explained.

"His dad is dead, not that that's a good thing. But theres one out of three that are dead, and the rest are still kicking."


She also pointed out that Kane had lied about his age, initially claiming to be three years younger than he was. 

Their relationship was further strained by Kane's apparent demand for constant attention, which he attributed to his "neglectful" mother. Schofield, believing his mum was dead, says she felt pressured to accommodate his needs.

The unravelling of his story.

Schofield's suspicions grew when she read comments on an interview Kane did for the Zach Sang Show. 

"In the comments, I saw someone write, 'This is really strange. I don't know where this Australian accent came from. He is not Australian, he is from Brunei," she said.

The comment from the alleged high school classmate read, "I went to school w/ Clinton and I know for a fact that he grew up in Brunei. We went to a school called Seri Mulia Sarjana for both our primary and secondary education. Soo.... Not sure where this Australian accent came from.

"Additionally, I knew of his mum and brother back when I was younger (15-16) and I know for a fact that they are alive and well," the commenter continued.

Watch: Brooke Schofield reveals how she found out Clinton Kane was lying about everything. Article continues after video.

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This revelation set Schofield on a path to uncover some interesting things about the man she had once trusted.

After confronting Kane, she discovered he seemed to have lied about his upbringing and his family's wealth. "Everything was fake," she accused. "I can tell that he is an extreme pathological liar."

Despite believing Kane was lying, Schofield continued dating him until their relationship ended over allegations of cheating. "We broke up because I accused him of cheating and he couldn't believe I would ever have the nerve," Schofield said.

In a last-ditch effort to get to the truth, Schofield then tricked Kane into admitting he had lied.

"I asked him, 'Why did you fake the death of your family?' Of course, he denies it. But then I told him, 'I have been talking to your mother,'" she revealed. It was then Kane then admitted to faking the deaths of his mum and brother.

How Kane has responded.

In response to Schofield's video series, which has unsurprisingly gone viral, Clinton Kane has responded to the allegations through a representative, issuing a statement to Rolling Stone denying the claims and saying Schofield's comments are "untrue."

According to the rep, "Kane was lucky enough to have a very special mother-like figure in his teenage years, who sadly passed. Kane regrets the way this devastating news was communicated at the time [and] genuinely felt that he had lost an irreplaceable mother figure."

The rep also clarified that Kane was born in the Philippines but considers Australia his home due to spending part of his childhood there. "Despite moving frequently, he considers Australia to be his home. He has never been disingenuous about this," the rep said.


The statement also accused Schofield of leveraging Kane's name to attract attention to her podcast.

Schofield calls out Kane... again.

Schofield quickly fired back, sharing screenshots of an alleged conversation with a Rolling Stone editor in which she declined an interview opportunity to discuss Kane's backstory.

"Ultimately, I decided I wanted no involvement," she said in a response video. "As you can see here, I feared for his mental health... I didn't want anything to do with that because I couldn't do it in good conscience."

Schofield repeated her claim that Kane had been lying about his family. 

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"It was one mum, alright, it's the same mum I heard about every single day. And that is the one he killed off, and that is the one who is chilling in Brunei," she said.

She also criticised Kane's claim that she was trying to boost her podcast numbers by tearing him down. 

"I brought this to TikTok audience for one reason and one reason only, okay? And it is because that man called me a yapper," Schofield said. "I have nothing to gain — I'm embarrassing myself!"

As the fallout continues, Schofield maintains that her decision to come forward was driven by a desire for truth and accountability, not a pursuit of fame or revenge.

"Anyway, it has now been two years since we've broken up, and he had the nerve to post a TikTok today saying that I cannot let it go, and I just want to go on record and say, 'No f**king s**t,'" she concluded in part 14 of her series.

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