Actress Brooke Satchwell's own dog has eaten her finger.

If it’s any consolation to you, actress Brooke Satchwell also had an incredibly mediocre 2016.

Speaking to The Project on Tuesday, the 36-year-old said that while rehearsing for the stage play, Jack of Hearts, last year she suffered a major injury at the hands of her very own dog.

“Your dog bit your finger,” co-host Waleed Aly said before Satchwell quickly corrected him, “ate. Ate my finger.”

brooke satchwell the project
Ever the kind owner, Satchwell refused to name and shame the pup. Source: The Project.

Unsurprisingly, the panel look slightly mystified, before the former Neighbours star said explained, "he thought I was a chicken bone, someone had left a chicken carcass by the side of the road. Seriously, who does that?" Satchwell asked.

She then explained that seeing him with a mouth full of bones, she reached into his mouth to pull them out, which was the precise moment said dog then bit down with gusto.


And while she didn't go into details of how severe the injury was, Satchwell did say the bite saw her in the emergency department until 3am the following morning.

brooke satchwell the project
Brooke Satchwell on The Project. Source: Channel 10.

"It's still attached, it works, but it's big. Little injury big recovery," Satchwell said. "It's quite strange."

So, take note chicken lovers. Next time you're having a picnic in the park, take your carcasses with you.

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