An ex-WAG has dished exactly how footballers are 'tempted' to cheat. "Nothing surprises me."

The thought of being married to a famous rugby player might seem nice – the free things, the fancy events, the muscles. But for Brooke Daji, the ex wife of All Black player Luke McAlister, it was actually “shit”.

Why? Women wouldn’t stop throwing themselves at her famous hubby.

“Girls act crazy around famous boys,” she told New Zealand current affairs program Story. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

Daji was being interviewed about her experience as a rugby wife in the wake of the Aaron Smith scandal.

In case you missed it, the All Black was yesterday suspended from the team and forced to issue a tearful apology after Smith was spotted having sex with an unidentified woman (translation: not his girlfriend) in an airport toilet cubicle.

The story shocked rugby fans, but not Daji.

“Nothing surprises me in the rugby world with some of the things I’ve seen and lived,” she told the programme.

According to her experience, women could barely contain themselves when they were in the presence of her jersey wearing stud. They would propose all kinds of "indecent acts" - despite the fact that she was standing right there next to him.

"So much so, that I probably should have started charging for it," she told Story.

The pair were married in 2007, and had one child. But the wedding band apparently did nothing to deter the women, and she said just months after their glamorous nuptials he was unfaithful.

But before you judge men like him or Smith, Daji warns, think about what they're up against.

“Being married to Luke the one thing I learnt is that you just don’t know what it’s like until you are in that arena," she told the program.

"There's temptation out there for everybody, but for those boys it's so much more heightened.

"Everyone sits back and home and says 'You shouldn't cheat on your partner anyway', but they are not faced with the temptations those boys face. It's a slippery slope."

So spare a thought for these poor fellas, ladies. Mustn't be easy.