'People think they know me.' Brooke Blurton is more than just the one who left the Honey Badger.

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In the last 12 months, Brooke Blurton has gone from being a youth worker in Western Australia to being one of Australia’s best recognised Bachie alums.

Along the way she was the favourite to walk away with Nick Cummins at the end of last year’s Bachelor season before leaving the mansion on her own terms (making a lucky escape, considering what happened next), and got close to Alex Nation on Bachelor in Paradise before again leaving by her own decision.

But despite her own Bachelor appearances, Brooke isn’t keeping much of an eye on this season of the show.

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Even so, it’s been hard to miss headlines about the drama on the show: Cocktail ceremony kisses, crushes on producers and yes, that ‘dog c***’ controversy. When asked if there was any advice she’d pass on to current contestants, from someone who’s been in the thick of it, Brooke said it was important to stay true to yourself.

“I’m not too aware of what’s happening but I obviously do see the ads and the drama. I guess whoever’s in the thick of it, just hold on tight. If I could give any advice to the girls going into the house, I think really be prepared for the challenges and I think being grounded is the most important thing.”

Its now been months since she was last on our screens – and she’s also moved on with boyfriend Nick Power – but Brooke is aware she’s been given a pretty big platform, and she wants to use it for good.

Speaking to Mamamia, Brooke said she’ll probably always be remembered as ‘the one who left the Honey Badger on The Bachelor‘, but she’s also determined to make sure she’s seen as more than that.

“I think I’ll always have that affiliation with The Bachelor, because that’s how people got to know me, but I think I support causes that are really important and use my profile to showcase what’s important to me and what I think people should know.”


She said people can assume they know her, based on what they saw on screen.

“I think people do have a preconceived idea of me through the show. [But] they only saw a glimpse of my personality, I think there’s a lot more depth and substance to me and I am trying to showcase that through social media and through my profile, sharing things that are so important.

“I just love supporting causes that make a difference in people’s lives and I think any cause that also has some Aboriginal representation I’m going to be a part of because that’s a part of me I’m so proud of.”

Brooke is an ambassador for R U OK? and most recently announced her partnership with Specsavers to launch two limited edition pairs of glasses in collaboration with the Fred Hollows Foundation and Aboriginal artist Peter Datjing Burarrwanga, to raise money in support of Indigenous eye health in Australia.

brooke blurton
Image: Supplied.

A portion of sales of the limited edition glasses will be donated to The Fred Hollows Foundation, in an effort to raise $125,000 to continue the Foundation’s treatment of eye conditions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Brooke has her own experiences with eye problems and wanted to lend her face to the campaign, especially as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are three times more likely to suffer vision loss than non-indigenous Australians.

"I've been wearing glasses since I was nine," Brooke said. "I didn't actually realise I had a convergence problem, that obviously impacted me and my schooling. Once going to the optometrist and getting glasses its definitely improved my life.

"I absolutely love supporting Aboriginal artists or Aboriginal design, I'm a big advocate for Aboriginal representation. I obviously only choose partnerships or collaborations that really support who I am and what I value."

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