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Erm. There is a clue on Instagram that Brooke Blurton leaves Bachelor in Paradise... alone.


We know it’s hot and everyone is drinking daiquiris but we have some tea.

Based on some very investigative digging by the Daily Mail, there may be some evidence that Brooke Blurton is leaving paradise sooner than we expected.

The finale was in December, so we’re guessing if she found love, Brooke would have stuck around for a commitment ceremony… at least that’s how the show worked last year.

But here’s the thing.

On November 19, 2018, Brooke Blurton posted an Instagram story.

She captioned the image, which you can see here with the words “Sun makes me so happy.”

It was just 10 days after leaving for paradise.



Other contestants who returned to social media before the show wrapped up are Cat, Davey, and Paddy… all of whom have been eliminated.

Here are some theories as to how this thang goes down.

1. Alex Nation tells Brooke Blurton she isn’t picking anyone at the end and that she should save her heart and leave now.

2. Alex Nation, American Alex, and Nathan conspire and realise they should begin a polyamorous relationship including the three of them instead of fighting over Brooke.

3. Brooke thinks, f*ck this, and returns home where she can leave all her boyfriends and girlfriends on seen.

Alternatively, it may be Network 10 throwing us a bone, and Brooke could be in paradise for the long-haul.

Only time will tell.