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Everyone STOP. Bachelor in Paradise's Brooke Blurton has "found love" with a new man.


After Brooke Blurton left the Bachelor franchise for the second time in her reality TV career, the 24-year-old found a new special someone.

Because there is life after reality TV.

Last night, Bachelor in Paradise fans watched her leave Fiji heartbroken, after Alex Nation ended their one-date fling in order to pursue a relationship with Bill Goldsmith.

Brooke might have left Paradise but fan favourite, Flo is back!

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However once the episode ended, the Aboriginal Youth Worker shared an Instagram post of her looking very loved up with a new man.

“So happy to announce that I have found love and it’s with a beautiful beautiful man who I can not express how friggen lucky I am to have in my life,” she wrote in her Instagram caption.

“You have no idea how relieved I am to openly and honestly say this out loud! Thank you for all that have been on my journey to find love..

“So happens that I had already met him… Six years ago… it just took a reality show for him to notice me.”

Now, not to be pedantic, but it technically took him two reality shows for him to notice Brooke, and mate… what up?


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In terms of what we know about her new suitor, there’s sadly not much. The Daily Mail have identified him as fellow Perth local, Nick Power, who works as a venture partner at advisory group Jindalee Partners and that’s all the information we’re currently privy too.

Alas, the couple look to be the picture perfect pair, with Brooke sharing three snaps of them together, holding hands and looking very sun-kissed and smiley at the beach.

Suspicions were raised that the 2018 former Bachelor contestant (Honey Badger’s season) would be leaving Paradise early, after fans realised she had began posting Instagram stories on November 19, 2018, just 10 days after flying to Fiji for the show.

And we were 100 per cent correct. 10 mango daiquiris points to us.


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Now that Brooke has officially left the show – twice – she seems adamant it will be the last we’ll see of her on reality TV. Sharing an Instagram story after last night’s episode, she said she was so “happy on the outside,” after her emotional BIP experience.

“It was fun, it was emotional but I don’t think I’m going to go on a reality show ever again and I say that for the second time,” she said.

“I’m so happy on the outside and I don’t need to go on a show. Love you guys and thank you for your support.”

Fair enough.

Will you miss seeing Brooke on Bachelor in Paradise? How are you finding the new season? Tell us in a comment below.