Mamamia recommends: The perfection that is Broad City.

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Two female friends. Living in New York. It sounds like every other show you’ve ever watched, right?

Wrong, friends. Oh so very wrong.

Broad City, the Comedy Central series, is probably like a show you have NEVER watched before.

It’s crude. It’s feminist. Season Three has just started. And it’s bloody hilarious.

On the latest episode of The Binge, Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik did a deep dive into why everyone should be watching it.

“If you ask me, it’s just perfection” Rosie said.

“It’s essentially a comedy, I would say low-brow in some senses, it doesn’t really have an overarching story line. It’s not like Girls or Sex and the City – they’re very much stand-alone episodes.”

The main characters, Illana and Abbi aren’t like normal ‘women in New York’ characters. They live in a tiny apartment. They get stoned. They masturbate. They’re broke as broke.

“This show is not pandering to male sensibilities in any way, shape or form….it’s showing women as real human beings, not this depiction that men would like women to be,” Rosie says.

Hear more about Broad City here:

And we couldn’t agree more.

Watch it on Stan.

But it’s not the only thing we think you should be watching this weekend.

There are a few other things that should definitely be on your screens. Like:

Black Comedy, iView and ABC, 9pm Wednesday

Deborah Mailman in Black Comedy.

Finally, a show that is actually funny.


ABC’s sketch show Black Comedy is back after a short hiatus. And GOD it is funny.

It’s an all Indigenous cast. And all the sketches are about Indigenous people and Indigenous issues.

As Rosie Waterland says, if you watch one episode you will be hooked, she reckons it’s the best sketch comedy in Australia at the moment.

Hamish and Andy’s Parent Helpline. Facebook

Kate de Brito couldn’t get enough of it on Mamamia OutLoud.

It’s a video spoof of a sex hotline. But anyone who is a parent will know this feeling well.

“I so relate. Because sometimes I talk to the young single people, and it is like porn for parents, it really is,” says Kate

War and Peace, BBC and iTunes

It’s another BBC drama based on a classic book from the people who made the Pride and Prejudice mini series.

The people who made Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy. So it must be good.

“The mini-series, is like a chocolate covered vegetable,” Laura told Rosie. “There’s lots of sweet stuff on top, but it’s really good for you when you get into it.”

Plus, you don’t have to spend your lifetime reading it.

To hear smart women talking about TV, listen to the full episode of The Binge here:

Listen on iTunes here.

What are you watching this week?