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Brittney Saunders Snapchatted her breakup. Now she's made another video about it.

When YouTube star Brittany Saunders broke up with her boyfriend at the beginning of November, she put her phone in front of her face and Snapchatted the entire ordeal.

From tears to anger and to the shock of being totally blindesided, Saunders spoke to her 850,000 YouTube subscribers and 500,000 Instagram followers with total candour and utter emotion about her broken heart.

At the time, the heartbroken 23-year-old took to SnapChat to announce the news, telling fans: “I’ve had my heart broken into a million pieces.”

“Dylan has broken up with me – he’s left me. His reason for that is that he ‘doesn’t love me any more’, which is honestly really f*cking upsetting.”

“I’ve never loved or cared about anyone before like I do with him. It’s such a shame that he’s willing to throw everything away. I’m not going to hold it against him – nobody can help their feelings."

Now, the YouTube star has taken her desire to be transparent one step further, creating a new YouTube video to provide support and advice to her followers about how to get over a break up.

"I'm hoping with my experience and knowledge I can shed some light on a bad situation and maybe inspire some of you to feel a little better," she began her video.

Her first tip? Don't sit inside and cry everyday, for weeks on end.

"I know you feel like you just want to lay in bed and not talk to anyone and not go anywhere. Doing this for a day or two is fine because you need to get those feelings out and have some alone time. But the worst thing you can do is sit inside for days, weeks, months on end and isolate yourself.

"Force yourself to put on some make up, make yourself feel better about yourself and just be around other people," she says.

More than that, Saunders says that talking about your feelings to friends and family will be a sure way to ensure you are being healthy about your heartbreak. "You will get to the point when you're over talking about it, and that's a good thing," she says.

Her other tip? Start making sure you're the priority, and doing things for you and only you.

"In relationships we start to get lost because we make our life revolve around someone else. Sometimes, when it all ends, you've forgotten how to love and care for yourself," she explains.

The refreshingly honest Saunders had only recently relocated from Sydney to Melbourne to live with her ex-boyfriend and fellow YouTube influencer, Dylan Ryan, after dating for approximately six months.

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