If you want to be a Top Model, best not to have 'Fantasy' tattooed across your pelvis.

But the ‘Fantasy’ isn’t over yet.

Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Brittany Beattie is by all accounts killing it right now.

The 20-year-old has given up bobcat driving for cat-walking and in this week’s episode will head to New York as part of the show’s final four.

But success must come at a price.

And for Brittany the cost of living out her high fashion fantasy is removing the giant ‘Fantasy’ tattoo from her pelvis.

Truly, beauty is pain.

Brittany and her ‘Fantasy’ tatt. Via Instagram.

Unfortunately the show’s producers aren’t big fans of Britt’s body art… doesn’t scream ‘high fashion’, apparently.

In a recent episode she was forced to wear a one-piece, rather than a bikini, while doing a swimsuit shoot, you know, to keep it under wraps.


“That was the whole reason. They didn’t want it to be shown on there,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“I didn’t mind because I’m getting rid of that tattoo anyway… eventually when I’ve got the money,” she explained.

Smart move, Britt.

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And the scar won’t be that unsightly, surely? Maybe she can pass it off as a c-section?

“If I wasn’t going to be doing modelling I’d keep getting more and more tattoos and it would make more sense but just that one word there just doesn’t look right so I’ve got to get rid of it,” she said.

“I can now hold back to be able to do modelling and do what I want now and make the money that I need to make.”

The final four will head to NYC this week. Image via Instagram.

And she could be making a lot of money pretty soon.

Brittany is a judge favourite and according to her model profile she thinks she’ll because “I’m the only model that can drive a truck”.

Fucking oath.

She also lists her favourite food as Lamb roast and her most annoying habit as burping (you and me both, Britt) — but that’s just more of an FYI.

SO. We have learned two things from this:

1) Austalia’s Next Top Model is STILL on TV (who knew??!) and

2) if you’re considering a career in the modelling world best not to get a terrible tattoo on your pubic bone.

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