FLUFF: Britney Spears singing without auto-tune. It must be heard to be believed.

Oh Britney.

Britney Jean Spears.

We are some of your biggest defenders but we really don’t know how to defend this one.

Not wearing underwear? Fine, girl, you do what you want. Shaving all your hair off? Well, more power to you. But this? From someone who sings for a living?

The survivor of childhood fame /former bubble-gum pop star has just had one of songs leaked. Only, this one hasn’t been auto-tuned. It’s just Britney’s voice, straight from her larynx to you.

Britney’s producer says she’s just warming up and checking lyrics. But look, whatever the circumstance, this sounds a lot closer to Saturday night karaoke than a global recording artist laying down some tunes.

Here it is, Britney Without Auto-tune.


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