A quick recap of the escalating feud between Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram.

The Instagram account of one Britney Spears has been the subject of confusion and conspiracy for... *checks calendar*, too long.

Among the #FreeBritney movement, fans have long looked to Britney's Instagram for hints and messages. But over the last month, while Britney's been openly sharing her truth and dancing up a storm, the drama has been taking place over on the feed of her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

This week, things got even more confusing.

Ok. Give me some quick context.

Jamie Lynn has been feeling the heat from #FreeBritney supporters for a while now for what they consider benefiting off her sister's conservatorship, but things really ramped up in July after Brit herself called out her little sister.

Soon after Jamie Lynn posted a message online that appeared in support of her sister, Britney wrote: "How dare the people you love the most say anything at all... did they even put a hand out to even lift me up at the TIME!!!??? How dare you make it public that NOW you CARE... Please stop with the righteous approach when you're so far from righteous it's not even funny." 

She mentioned her sister directly in another post.

"I don't like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS to remixes," she wrote on Instagram.


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In response, fans began recirculating video of Jamie Lynn performing her sister's songs and Spears' apparent uncomfortable reaction.

Then Britney appeared to directly mock her sister in yet another Instagram caption.

Yikes. So what's happening now?

Things have become ever more... awkward. If you can believe that.

During Britney's July 14 court testimony, she claimed her entire family holidayed at a property owned by her while she was being held at a mental health facility against her will.


From here, people uncovered an interview and tweet in which Jamie Lynn spoke about "our" condo (basically an apartment, FYI) in Florida.

"I don't own a condo, and I can assure you that no one has ever bought me a place at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacations at [fancy hotel chain] the Ritz anyway," Jamie Lynn wrote on July 26. "Simple FACTS. Y'all need to stop reachin'."

But uh, she was swiftly called out, because there are multiple 'receipts' of her talking about the Condo while Brit has been under conservatorship.

She tweeted about it in 2015 and in 2016, she addressed the condo in an interview with CMT: "I host everyone at our condo. We're pretty blessed with a big condo. It can sleep about 10 people," she said.

Jamie Lynn then edited her caption to remove the denial.

So, that's weird. But it gets weirder.

In the same image carousel, eagle eyed fans noticed that Jamie Lynn's husband, Jamie Watson, could be seen looking closely at an Instagram post with a quote referencing kindness which was uh, posted by Britney the day before.

Image: Instagram.


After people began to notice this, Jamie Lynn reposted the photo to her story - with a caption that covered up exactly what he was looking at.

Image: Instagram.



No one knows exactly why he was keeping tabs on Brit's account, but fans speculated he was searching for more hidden messages to his wife or simply just uh, obsessed with staying across her feed (honestly, same).

Meanwhile, Britney and her new lawyer Mathew Rosengart are focused on removing her father, Jamie Spears, as conservator of her estate. On July 26, Rosengart formally filed a petition with Los Angeles Superior Court asking for accountant Jason Rubin to replace him.

Unofficially, there's another family battle playing out on social media.

Feature image: Instagram.

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