The six best style trends to come out of Britain.

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When it comes to the motherland, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Scones, our flag and Prince Harry’s cheeky grin, just to name a few.

But it’s import to remember that Britain is not just about polo and princesses, but is actually one of the world’s leaders in style, beauty and fashion.

So, God save the Queen! And us… from our credit card debts.

Here are six of the best beauty and style trends to come out of Britain.

1. Elegant pencil dresses.

This is a look that’s as old as the hills but has aged perfectly, like a fine wine. Or some varieties of cheese.

Princess Dianna found her way into the people’s hearts in many fitted ensembles. While Victoria Beckham is practically the patron saint of pencil skirts and dresses, with the entire globe quickly following suit. From lady-like greys and creams, to startling electric blues and luscious reds, the pencil dress can be found in the chicest London hangouts.

VB is the patron saint of pencil skirts/dresses. Images via Instagram @victoriabeckham

2. A sleek blowdry.

Two words – Kate Middleton. Or, rather, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but in reality she’ll always be just Kate to us. From the moment the future Queen of England stepped into the spotlight, she instantly became the Queen of Style and a beauty icon across the world.  All of sudden, the pixie cut was passe and ringlets just seemed so wrong. From then on, it was all about the Kate blow out.

Sleek, simple, youthful and elegant all in one go, ever since the Royal Engagement, we’ve all been asking our hairdressers for a blow dry that will leave our tresses with just the right amount of glow and bounce.

Simple, youthful and elegant. Image via Getty.

3. Dark, smokey eyes.

Ever added a hint of mystery to your look with a touch of heavy eyeliner? Well, you’ve got Twiggy to thank for that sultry sexiness.

Twiggy, real name Lesley Hornby, shot to international fame in the late sixties when her slender frame and large, kohl-rimmed eyes. A look which quickly earned her supermodel status. Even today, the original mini-dress maiden continues to influence the style of women across the globe.


Twiggy's trademark large, kohl-rimmed eyes in the 60s. Image via Getty.

4. Luscious rose-coloured lips.

Remember when Geri Halliwell rocked that iconic Union Flag dress at the Brit Awards and stopped the world in its tracks? Well, I was too busy looking at her red platform boots – and her red lips. Since then, a bold crimson lip has never gone out of style.

Even modern day musical royalty favours a bit of a cherry pout. Adele (no last name required) is the classic British Rose and plays up her alabaster skin and peaches and cream cheeks by painting her lips with vibrant hues.

In fact, the songstress has chosen a red lip for every one of her iconic performances, from the Grammys to the Oscars. And, if there’s one thing I know for sure, if Adele’s doing it-we’re doing it.

That’s one British Rose beauty tip we’d definitely like to pick.

The classic pout. Images via Getty.

5. A full figured fringe.

I have a confession to make. My forehead never gets to see the light of day because I’m addicted to sporting a thick, blunt fringe. And I’m not the only one. From the moment British beauty Sienna Miller shimmied onto the big screen in Alfie, many moons ago, fringes have become a must have style accessory.

Jane Birkin rocked a fringe, and she got a bag named after her. Jean Shrimpton was an advocated of the timeless bangs and Naomi Campbell has sported one, on and off the runway. If there’s one thing Britain has taught us, it’s that anyone and everyone looks good with a fringe.


British beauty Sienna Miller. Image via Paramount Pictures.

6. Rock chick chic.

Ever since those iconic images emerged of Kate Moss strolling through the muddy fields of Glastonbury, clad in ripped denim shorts, a funky black vest and too-cool-for-school black gumboots, paired with sultry dishevelled hair, the rock chick looks has been A Thing.

Rock chick chic. Image via Getty.

Other British babes to pick up the look include Sienna Miller, Pixie Geldof, Lily Allen and Alexa Chung. Thanks to these ladies, we’ve all found ourselves donning the leather, teasing our hair and slapping on a few extra strokes of mascara, which we all know how to artfully rub around our eyes like any good stay-out-all-night, rocker chick should.

Don’t forget to throw on some black nail polish for good measure.

What trend out of the UK are you loving?