Why this company allows its employees to bring their newborns to work every day.

Californian company Schools Financial Credit Union has implemented a ground-breaking system, allowing employees to bring their new born babies to work.

The credit union encourages workers to bring along their new babies until they’re six months old, or until the child is old enough to crawl.

The program has been working for the company for over 15 years now, having first been introduced in 2001.

SFCU employee Alyssa Palomino has herself taken advantage of this opportunity, bringing along her 8-week-old twins, Brielynn and Mayan after taking time off on maternity leave.

“It was one of the reasons I was interested in coming over here,” Palomino told USA Today.

“I knew we were going to start a family at some point, and a huge benefit was being able to bring our babies to work for six months.”

The twins have been baby number 129 and 130 respectively to have joined their parents at work.

“I was a little stressed out, but my husband was so sad to go to work today and not have the girls that it made it a little easier for me,” Palomino said.

“At least I can have them with me – it takes the pressure off mum returning to work.”

Vice President of Human Resources at SFCU, Lisa Mackay, explained the logic behind the program:

“Some people can’t afford to take off as much time as others, so they end up being forced to come back to work sooner than they would want, and [have] to put their child in day care. This gives them the option to come back to work, but still be able to stay with their baby,” she told USA Today.

“We know going in the employee is not going to be 100% productive. That is just part of the program, and it’s part of the intention of the program. It’s not a problem.”

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