Mum furious over 'young sluts' Instagram account set up by Melbourne schoolboys.

A Victorian mother has received a threatening phone call after exposing an Instagram account in which two Year 11 students from Brighton Grammar reportedly asked followers to vote for “the slut of the year”.

The unidentified woman approached police after discovering pictures of her daughter on the account, along with those of several other unsuspecting girls, some of whom were as young as 11 or 12, reports The Age.

Having also publicly expressed her outrage on Facebook, the woman told Fairfax media that she had received an intimidating call from an “old boys’ club” parent on Sunday night.

The unidentified caller, who was using a blocked number, reportedly described the account as “a group of boys having fun”.

According to the woman, the pictures on the now-deleted account featured several teenagers in various states of dress.

Among them was a photograph, reportedly showing a school-age girl wearing bikini bottoms and a singlet top, that was captioned with a description of the sex acts she would perform on the boys, reports The Age.

The account, reportedly created on Friday, was deleted after the elite Melbourne school was made aware of it over the weekend.

In a statement issued this morning, Brighton Grammar said Headmaster Ross Feathertson and senior staff have spoken to the boys responsible and their parents, and that the school is offering “ongoing support” to the families of the affected girls.

“The Instagram post is disgraceful and does not reflect the values of BGS,” Mr Featherston said in the statement. “Disrespectful behaviour on any social media site is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The school said it is currently in the process of determining appropriate disciplinary action.

The mother who exposed it all said in her now-private Facebook post that she would campaign to ensure the two boys responsible were suitably punished.

“I am writing this as a mother of a girl that has not only been sexualised but violated within our small community,” she wrote, according to The Age.

“I will not rest until the consequence for the crime meets the severity of the crime itself — for my daughter and all other young unsuspecting girls.”