A complete styling guide if you're a bright spring.

Picture a blooming garden with vibrant colours, the golden glow of the sun, a fiery sunset or a shimmering turquoise ocean. This is bright spring. 

This colour palette sits in between bright winter and true spring on the seasonal flow chart and is characterised by its blend of warm, vibrant and saturated hues. 

How to tell if you're bright spring.

Bright spring is categorised as the following: medium-warm hue, medium-light value and bright chroma.

Medium-warm hue: Colours lean towards the warmer end of the scale without being too extreme. This means all colours contain more yellow than blue (the coolest colour of all) undertones, so even if blue does appear, it will still have warm hints of yellow, like turquoise or teal. 

Medium-light value: Most colours fall around the middle of the value scale so there are both light and dark colours, without any of them being too extreme. You will find slightly more lighter hues because of the emphasis on yellow undertones (which is naturally light), with deeper hues like blue, green and purple appearing as supporting colours. 

Bright chroma: To match the palette's primary aspect, the colours are very high in chroma. This means they are intensely bright, vibrant and saturated. 

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What is bright spring's colour palette?

Bright spring's best colours include:

  • Warm neutrals: Warm ivory, light camel, chocolate brown

  • Vibrant primary colours: Coral, golden yellow, turquoise

  • Darker supporting hues: Deep oranges and rich teal

  • Earthy shades: Red ochre

On the flip side, the colours to avoid if you're bright spring include:

  • Cool undertones: Icy blues, greys and purples

  • Muted pastels: Dusty pinks and purples

  • Low clarity colours: Muddy browns, dull yellows, olive green

  • Heavy colours: Deep burgundy, navy and charcoal

Building a bright spring colour palette is an easy process when you focus on this season's best colours. Here's an example of what a bright spring's colour palette might look like: 

Base colour: Warm ivory

Light neutral: Light camel

Dark neutral: Chocolate brown

Main colour: Coral

Accent colours: Turquoise, golden yellow or lime green


Celebrities with a bright spring colour palette.

Some notable people with a bright spring colour palette include Jennifer Hudson, Emma Stone, Solange, Vanessa Hudgens, Brittany Snow, Kim Cattrall, Rebel Wilson, Demi Lovato, Heather Graham, Jamie Ching, Gina Rodriguez, Megan Gale and Kerry Washington. These individuals are often associated with this colour palette because they have warm, clear and vibrant physical characteristics that evoke energy, warmth and vitality. Of course, this is only a guide and their colour palettes will change depending on their styling choices.

Styling tips for bright spring.

Pair vibrant hues with mellow neutrals: A simple trick to make your brighter pieces of clothing stand out is simply to pair them with more calming neutrals, like warm ivory, camel or chocolate brown. This will avoid overwhelming your look and create a harmonious ensemble each time you step out of the house. 

Clear, crisp fabrics are your best friends: To enhance your bright and clear colouring, opt for textiles that have a crisp appearance like linen, silk and cotton. 

Get creative with prints and patterns: You're a bright spring who is full of vitality, so when it comes to prints, you can really go bold. Try floral, geometric or abstract patterns in bright hues that fall into your colour palette. 

Accessories are your friend: Add another dimension to your outfits by incorporating metallic accessories like gold or rose gold jewellery, belts and handbags. Metallic tones will complement your warm undertones. 


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Beauty tips for bright spring.

Base: Look towards a lightweight, dewy foundation with a warm undertone as this will match your natural glow. You can take this one step further by applying a highlighter to the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, brow bones and nose bridge. 

Eyes: You can't go wrong with a soft brown or bronze eyeliner to add definition to your eyes without looking too harsh. When it comes to eyeshadow, go crazy with warm-toned colours like peach, coral, golden bronze and warm brown. 

Blush: Steer clear of cool-based blush and instead, opt for peachy or coral shades that add a healthy pop of colour to your cheeks. You can lightly blend the blush upwards towards your temples for an even more youthful and radiant glow.

Lipstick: Luckily for you, bright springs can pull off bold and vibrant lip colours. Whether it’s a vivid coral, a rosy pink, a warm red or a vibrant peach, a slick of your favourite warm-toned blush will brighten your smile and enhance your natural glow. 

Final thoughts on bright spring.

Wondering if you're a bright spring? If warm, vivid hues suit you, you might fall into this colour palette. Of course, this shouldn't deter you from wearing colours you love but aren't classified as bright spring. After all, your unique colour palette should naturally uplift your appearance and confidence. 


If you're looking to expand your palette, you can also consider borrowing colours from the sister seasons of bright spring: bright winter and true spring

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