Brie Larson's brilliant response to those who tried to "fix" her Captain Marvel poster.

Ahhh, casual sexism…it permeates society in almost every arena. And Brie Larson, the Oscar-award winning actress, had the most brilliant response when a person on Twitter had an issue with her Captain Marvel poster, due it being devoid of a grin.

Twitter user Turd Flinging Monkey (yes, really) took screen grabs of the recently released trailer for Captain Marvel, and used a FaceApp filter to change Larson’s face to include a smile.

“I fixed #CaptainMarvel!” he wrote.

The sexist tweet responding to the posters did not stand alone. No, of course it didn’t. Other Twitter users also noticed the issue with Larson’s lack of a smile, and similarly posted to Twitter commenting on the actress’ face.


But Brie Larson, a feminist advocate,  was not going to let this casual sexism pass her by without showing just how ridiculous the comments were.

Because in case you missed it, men, no female wants to be told to “Smile!“. Ever.

Posting to her Instagram story, Larson used Faceapp, just like Turd Flinging Monkey, to change famous posters of male Superheroes to include them grinning from ear to ear.

The story showed Captain America, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange all with smiles. And they look…stupid.

Brie Larson captain marvel
Brie Larson captain marvelBrie Larson captain marvel

Her story perfectly demonstrated the hypocrisy of her being told to smile, by showing how absurd it would be if other male Superheroes were told to do the same.

If you're not turned off by Brie Larson's grin-less face, Captain Marvel arrives in cinemas March 8, 2019.