Everything you need to know about the cast of Bridgerton. Including where to find them on Instagram.

It's the Netflix series that arrived at the perfect time. You know, that rather hazy patch between Christmas and New Year where you're completely unaware of the date, time or how many leftovers you've demolished.

Yes, Bridgerton, in all its lavish glory plonked onto our screens to welcome us to a world of (literal) breathtaking costumes, quaint courting, steamy smooch scenes and classical remixes of Ariana Grande songs. 

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Video via Netflix.

But while you've been lapping up the world of snuff-sniffing queens and meddling matchmaking mums, we KNOW you've been trying to figure out where the heck you've seen these actors before.

Which is why we've found every single one of them on Instagram and prepared a cheat sheet of sorts for you to peruse.

You are very much welcome.

Bridgerton’s Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings AKA Regé-Jean Page

Image: Netflix + Instagram. We’re all guilty of googling ‘Hot Duke’ the second he waltzed onto our screens. Because… ooooft. And we’re delighted to report that Regé-Jean is just as dreamy off-screen as he is on it. 


In terms of career history, you can spot him in Roots, Mortal Engines and Fresh Meat once you're done binging Bridgerton.

You can also have a snoop at the Duke of Hastings’ Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Daphne Bridgerton AKA Phoebe Dynevor

Image: Netflix + Instagram. 

Daphne is the ‘diamond of the season’ who has a collection of the prettiest damn dresses we’ve ever seen. However, if you’ve spent half the season trying to figure out why you recognise her, it’s because the actress also played Irish Clare on Younger. Now you see it?!

You can have a snoop at Daphne Bridgerton’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte AKA Golda Rosheuvel

Image: Netflix + Instagram. The snuff-sniffing queen is quite the eccentric royal in Bridgerton. But before staring in this Netflix original Golda Rosheuvel would more likely be spotted on the stage where she’s performed in Macbeth, Othello and Jesus Christ Superstar.


You can have a snoop at Queen Charlotte’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Anthony Bridgerton AKA Jonathan Bailey

Image: Netflix + Instagram.

Daphne’s protective and dashing big bro is played by Jonathan Bailey - who has previously appeared in Broadchurch, Doctor Who and Chewing Gum.


You can have a snoop at Anthony Bridgerton’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Penelope Featherington AKA Nicola Coughlan 

Image: Netflix + Instagram.

Hands down our favourite character in Bridgerton, masterfully played by Nicola Coughlan who you will definitely recognise from her iconic role as Clare in Derry Girls

You can have a snoop at Penelope Featherington’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Eloise Bridgerton AKA Claudia Jessie 

Image: Netflix + Instagram.


The frank-talking little sister of Daphne, Eloise is one of the most interesting siblings in Bridgerton. Prior to this show, Claudia Jessie performed in Doctor Who and House of Anubis.

You can have a snoop at Eloise Bridgerton’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Lady Danbury AKA Adjoa Andoh

Image: Netflix + Instagram.

We are borderline obsessed with the sasspot Lady Danbury with her bossy demands and no-bulls**t attitude. Renowned British actor Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Danbury, has appeared in approximately every UK show, including Doctor Who, Casualty and EastEnders as well as the movie Invictus

You can have a snoop at Lady Danbury’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Marina Thompson AKA Ruby Barker

Image: Netflix + Instagram.


Bridgerton is Ruby's first major TV or movie role - way to start with a bang!

You can have a snoop at Marina Thompson’s Instagram IRL here.

Bridgerton’s Siena Rosso AKA Sabrina Bartlett

Image: Netflix + Instagram.

Before Bridgerton, Sabrina notably appeared on Game of Thrones during Season 6 as a member of House Frey, who is later revealed to be Arya Stark in disguise. SNEAKY.

You can have a snoop at Siena Rosso’s Instagram IRL here.

Feature Image: Mamamia.