These 5 plot twists from the Bridgerton books will change how you watch the series.

Another season of Bridgerton has come and gone. Hate this for us. 

And as gentle readers mourn the end and the two-year wait for more (welp), all there's left to do is wonder what's ahead for the other members of the Bridgerton clan. 

Thankfully, there are five published books already written by Julia Quinn that will inspire the next seasons and they are packed with spoilers.

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I typically avoid spoilers at all costs (don't even talk to me about this week's House of the Dragon), but there's something comforting about learning how each member of this chaotic family will find their happily ever after. 

Without further ado, here is exactly what happens to Benedict, Eloise, Francesa, Hyacinth and Gregory — well, in the books anyway. 

Benedict's love story is basically a retelling of Cinderella.

Image: Netflix. 


Benedict has always been a Bridgerton sibling who breaks convention and rebels against societal norms. His book is no different, as in An Offer From a Gentleman he falls in love with a maid. 

And it's giving serious Cinderella vibes, as he first meets this maid, Sophie Beckett, at a masquerade ball. 

Sophie is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Penwood who marries Araminta, aka her 'wicked stepmother' who comes with two 'wicked stepsisters' (notice the theme). After the Earl dies, Sophie is forced to become a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters. 

Sophie meets Benedict when she sneaks out to attend Lady Bridgerton's famous masquerade ball. While her identity is hidden, Benedict instantly falls for her. They don't meet again for two years where he helps get her a job working as a maid for his mother... but Benedict doesn't recognise her. 


At the same time, Benedict is desperate to reconnect with the women he met at the ball. But he falls for Sophie and eventually realises during a blindfold game that she is the mystery woman. There are some bumps in the road from there as Sophie's stepmother accuses her of being a thief and she's taken to jail. 

BUT! Once she's freed by the Bridgerton family, she marries Benedict and they eventually have four children together. 

Meanwhile, Eloise adopts twins in a spin on Beauty and the Beast. 

Image: Netflix. 


Okay, this is unexpected. In Eloise's book To Sir Philip, With Love, she starts a penpal relationship with the husband of her late cousin, Marina. Oh yeah, big spoiler coming: Marina dies at the start of the book by attempting to drown herself in a lake and passes away from a lung fever three days later.

So yeah, Eloise starts a mail friendship with widower Sir Phillip Crane before he invites her to his home to assess if she is marriage material. Eloise accepts and flees from her home on a whim. But Philip's manor isn't all it's cracked up to be: she has to become the governess to Phillip’s unruly twins and her potential husband is moody and ill-mannered yet he expects her to be a quiet and homely spinster. 

But despite their differences (which are very Beauty and the Beast), Eloise helps Philip through his grief, and like any good enemies-to-lover story, they fall in love. There is a weird scene where Eloise's brother accosts Philip and force him to wed Eloise but... somehow it's all happy families in the end. 

Along with the twins, Eloise and Philip go on to have three more kids together. 

Francesca's story is the most tragic of them all.

Image: Netflix.


This will be the Sad Season, but if spinoff Queen Charlotte is anything to go by, a much darker and arguably superior show, then Francesca's could be the best to come. 

Based on the novel When He Was Wicked, the book picks up after Francesca marries John Stirling and they move to his home in Scotland. In the book, Francesa meets John's cousin Michael at their wedding, but in the Netflix series, the character is gender-swapped for Michaela.

Sparks fly with Michael, as he spends the next years trying to suppress his feelings. But then suddenly, two years into their marriage, John dies while Francesca is pregnant. She miscarries which means that John's cousin becomes the new Earl of Kilmartin. 


Francesca and Michael soon begin a sexual relationship but Francesca hesitates to marry Michael out of guilt. But Francesca ends up pregnant, and they marry and live happily ever after, naming one of their two kids (grab the tissues) John. 

Hyacinth finds love while going on a, ummm... treasure hunt. 

Image: Netflix. 

I love Bridgerton but I might need to nope out of the series for this season. Firstly, just to be clear, it occurs when Hyacinth is a bit older. 


What is she? A child bride? Thankfully not.

Secondly, this storyline just sounds like a bit of a dud, with many fans of the book series considering Hyacinth's novel one of the worst of the bunch. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. In the novel It’s in His Kiss, Hyacinth has spent several seasons failing to find a hubby when she is enlisted to help Lady Danbury's grandson Gareth St. Clair to translate an old family diary which might lead to... his grandmother's hidden treasure. 

Gareth initially loathes Hyacinth but there's a fine line between love and hate and apparently that line starts with a treasure quest. Anywhoooo, they eventually get married and have two kids, George and Isabella. 

Gregory's love story ends with him kidnapping his future wife. 

Image: Netflix. 


Gregory's novel On the Way to the Wedding sounds a bit cooked, hey. 

The youngest brother, Gregory, is a hopeless romantic. Hyacinth introduces Gregory to her bestie Lucy but they initially become just friends, as Gregory is laser-focused on the 'girl of his dreams', Hermione.

He gets Lucy to help him court Hermoine, but on the down-low, Lucy is telling Hermoine that Gregory is an unsuitable match. Shady lady! Hermoine soon falls for Lucy's brother instead. 

Anyways, Gregory falls for Lucy but by then, she is already betrothed to be wed to someone else. After she's already married, Gregory kidnaps Lucy and convinces her husband, who is actually gay, to agree to an annulment as the couple never consummated their marriage. 

Gregory and Lucy get married, have nine kids, live happily ever after and the Bridgerton universe is complete.  

Feature Image: Netflix. 

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