This bride made her friends fight to 'secure a spot' in her bridal party and oh boy...

They say delegation is key when it comes to stress-free wedding prep, but this bride bridezilla has taken it one step too far.

Sharing her sister’s errr… unconventional bridal party selection tactic the now deleted Reddit-user said her sister has opted for her friends to “battle it out” to see who actually deserves to accompany her down the aisle on the big day.

“My sister is getting engaged and is having her potential bridal party battle it out so she has one less thing to worry about before the engagement,” she wrote on Reddit, sharing a picture of the incriminating text.

“Congrats! You’ve made it into the final round of the Bridal Party Brawl!” began the bride’s text.

“Currently there are seven players left and only four spots available.”

bridezilla request
No comment. Image: Reddit.

The message continued to list which positions were occupied and those that were still up for grabs and laid out the terms of the 'brawl'.

They included:

- A promise to host a party (must be couples) at a venue other than someone's house.

- Your wedding gift must be cash / cheque of at least $500.

- You must buy me or [husband's name] (depending on which side you're on) a "day of" gift of at least $100.

- You must attend every shower/ party we have and will be required to purchase a gift for each one (with a value of at least $50).

- You will sign a contract that holds you legally responsible for meeting all of our requirements and says that if you don't you will be legally held to reimbursing us for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems.



Now look... we can't speak for the dedication of those competing for the hot ticket bridal party role, but if it were us, we'd respectfully decline - maybe on the grounds of mental health, and consider getting a doctor's certificate as evidence.

Other Reddit-users also expressed their disbelief in the comments.

"I would just reply, 'Thanks for this wonderful offer and I'm honoured to be in short list. But you can f**k off! But I'm going to spend my money on my family or on myself. And you can f**k off!'" replied one perturbed user.

"They need a $100 day of gift, $50 at every party and shower, and to host a party at a venue???. Where does this level of greed and entitlement come from," wrote another.

"How does she have any damned say in who the groomsmen are? That’s for her victim, um, husband to be to choose," shared someone else, and we'd be inclined to agree.

Some helpful commenters offered potential excuses the bride's friends could use.

"This ... is this a joke? I'd have the flu that day," wrote one user.

"I'd have the flu from the moment I received the text up until their first anniversary (if they make it there). Or be washing my hair for this long," commented another, and while we appreciate the quick-thinking, we don't think the bride would take to this kindly.

However, others were more concerned with calculating the amount of moolah the bride would be raking in from gifts and cash presents.

"Let's see..

$500 cash/cheque x 8 = $4,000

$100 "day of" x 8 = $800

$50 party gift x 11 (8 events + bridal shower + bachelor party + bachelorette party) x 8 = $4,400

For a total of $9200 or $1150/each.

And that's not including venue costs, food/drinks, wedding outfits/accessories, activities for the bachelor/bachelorette party, hair/makeup.

OP's sister is a whack job. I wouldn't spend that much on someone else's wedding, especially if they were demanding it."

*head explodes*

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