"It was really selfish." A bride kicked her sister out of her wedding over her speech. 

A bride who took the dramatic step of kicking her own sister out of her wedding reception for what she deemed a “selfish” speech has found out that she was in fact being the selfish one.

Taking to the Reddit thread “Am I The Asshole”, the newlywed woman explained that during her sister’s maid of honour speech “she brought up her depression and how my husband supported her through it and how ‘in that moment, I knew he was the one for throwaway…’ (so cliche!).”


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The bride went on to complain that it was “super inappropriate to bring up a mental illness during a wedding speech” (which is apparently a wedding rule, okay?) and and that “the entire speech was about her at MY wedding”.

The woman was also upset that “90 per cent of the guest congratulated her afterwards and talked about how ‘strong’ she was”. (Yes, those quote marks were already placed there…)

“Nobody was paying attention to me, at my own wedding! Sorry if I sound selfish, but in my opinion there is a time and a place for this sort of thing,” she continued.

So the bride did the only thing she thought fit – took her sister aside and told her that was being “disruptive and selfish” and asked her to leave… the wedding. Immediately. And then locked the door on her way out. (We can’t confirm if that happened but it seems likely.) 

The bride added: “She was really upset but just left without arguing. My parents agree with me, but my husband and all of my close friends think I was way too harsh. Am I the asshole?”


And look we don’t want to be rude but since you asked – yes.

Reddit was quick to take the woman to task, branding her “super jealous” and a “narcissist”.

“‘Nobody was paying attention to me!’ Never has one sentence defined my resentment for weddings and wedding culture so perfectly,” one replied.

“How DARE the Maid of Honour at a wedding compliment the GROOM. Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to only say good things about the bride?” another added sarcastically.

“Her speech was done. What was the point of throwing your maid of honour out at that point?”

Others pointed out there seemed to be a lack of understanding for mental illness in the bride’s family.

“You’re the reason some people still vilify mental illness and is an extraordinarily huge asshole to have their sibling removed from the wedding reception altogether because they didn’t feel they were getting enough attention. Unreal.”

“The lack of compassion for mental illness is also quite apparent in both the bride and her parents. No wonder the sister needed to find support from outside the family,” one commented.

There were a few who understood the bride’s point of view – to an extent.

“It was tactless to make the speech about herself, but it sounds like she was trying to compliment your husband’s kindness. But the punishment didn’t fit the crime. You massively overreacted by kicking her out,” someone said.

“I feel like maybe your sister wasn’t aware that what she’s saying could be inappropriate and it was an accident,” another added. “Even then you are within your rights to feel upset by what she said. Maybe the speeches could have been run by the two of you beforehand?”

But perhaps the bride needed a gentle reminder about what weddings are all about.

“Weddings are about bringing people together, not about you being a celebrity for the day.”

What do you think of the situation? Did the bride overreact? Let us know in the comments below.